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PikaPika Gamer
2 years ago
2 months ago



I recently spent a crap load of time trying to make every single match in the Premier League 22/23 season. I've added all matches broth played and non-played, scheduled/postponed matches into an editor using the same one made for the 21/22 season but just adding my own matches and dates. I changed out things like the season start date and replaced the teams and yada-yada-yada.


I tested the rules, it all checked out, everything looks fine. Yet, when I go into game, and go to October 28th 2022, Neither the 21/22 season NOR the 22/23 season have ANY of the matches that I scheduled. What's going on here?


I've attached the file below, if anybody who's actually smart can check it out and tell me where I'm going wrong that would be really helpful, tyvm.

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