dougie Andrews
8 years ago
7 months ago

Hi all


Playing as Tring athletic in the level 10 mod.  My scouting budget is set at 100k which is mad in itself but even though I have no current scouting assignments or opposition scouting my costs are coming in at 8k per month. Its now costing me board confidence, am I missing something or is this broken?

10 months ago
9 months ago

This is happening to me also managing Bridgwater utd, western premier league. I have nobody assigned to anything and my scouting costs are 7.5K, making me vastly in debt every month.


Any ideas?



2 years ago
4 days ago

Scouting is broken.


I'm on the vanilla game.  I'm on a £600 per month scouting package and have no recruitment focus set up yet last month I spent 12K on scouting (according to the financials).

I started the season with a 19K scouting budget, I'm half way through July (in pre-season) and I have less than 6K left.






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