This is a fantasy structure for Greece. 

20 teams Superleague 1

20 teams Superleague 2

120 teams 3rd division

More difficult leagues in amateur 1st division

Greek Super Cup is added

Some stadiums are updated


*The SS kits uploaded in Sortitoutsi for all greek divisions are also included in this patch.

8 years ago
4 days ago

hey TSpike46

can you do Fantasy Club world Cup

10 years ago
5 months ago

Hello, i was wondering how to merge this database into my editor data (i edited some of greek clubs with latest database version 23.4.0) when i tried it, i can't test the rules. As i can only add new rules, when i added new rules it became 14 teams again. I saved it without adding new rules but when I played it on it doenst have 20 teams, only 14 same as original

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