Egyptian Database 2023 V2.0

The biggest Egyptian Database available ever.


  • We Premier League added
  • Egyptian Second Division added
  • Egyptian Third Division added
  • Egyptian Cup added
  • Egyptian League Cup added
  • Division 1 Managers updated added
  • Latest Transfers till 17-1-23 added
  • Some attribute adjustments for some Egyptian Managers added
  • Egypt National Team U23 added
  • Egypt National Team U20 added


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t7ya masr ya 3am 


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Installation instructions:

1. Copy the Egyptian DB 2023 V 2.0.fmf file into your Football manager 2023 editor data folder.

By default, it should be located on C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\editor data.

2. Once you're in the game, select Start new game then Career and on the upper right corner in DATABASE select Egyptian DB 2023 V 2.0.

3. You will need to go to Advance Setup, choose the leagues and enjoy!

9 years ago
1 month ago

great work man 

يعطيك العافية ي وحش ، يبي لنا تجربة للدوري قريب بإذن الله 


ElManager ElSakandry
1 year ago
1 year ago

شكرا … ان شاء الله يعجبك

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