5 years ago
2 weeks ago

Hello everyone. I start to make pictures of the players in action for myself, but I don't know how to upload them. The dimensions of the images are 260x310. This is what it looks like.  Can u help me, i mean tell me how can i zip them or something and put them here so people can download ?


11 years ago
18 hours ago

These are great. There are a couple of action pack creators out there. One is on this site:


The other is on his own site: 


I think they might work together sometimes, or at least are not in competition with one another. Both are fairly active but there haven't been many updates since December. 


There is also the wider action facepack but it is with larger dimensions I think and is also on this site. 


If you want to create your own pack, you need to save each image in one folder and name each image with the in-game UID.


Then do a google search for fmXML. It is a program that will make the XML file for you, and save it in the same folder. 


You can then upload here as a zip following the guidance for uploads.

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