After a couple of months that i have been working on this it's time to share with the community.

This file started as fun and for personal use but on the process it became bigger and bigger.

Some examples are on the attached photos.


Whats included:

1.ALL and i mean it French football Clubs.

2.ALL international national and club competitions (including youth, olympics,qualifiers etch).

3.ALL Domestic TOP divisions in Europe.

4.ALL Domestic MAIN cups in Europe.

5.ALL competition colors for: Greece,France,England,Germany,Italy and Spain.

6.In some european nations i dived deeper into competition colours (e.g. Portugal,Netherlands,Scotland, Belgium, Sweden etch)

7.I have plans to update the file every once in a while keeping the same link so if i do a major update on something you will see me pointing it out on this thread.

ps.All colours where picked on photoshop with the assistance of colour picker



8 years ago
1 day ago

Thank you for this.  I presume this will only work with any new saves?

3 years ago
1 day ago
By StuartNG 02 April 2023 - 18:00 PM UTC 

Thank you for this.  I presume this will only work with any new saves?


Indeed like all data files, you have to start a new game.

16 years ago
6 days ago

i must say this is the best color fix for fm i have try all they others and this one is the best.. many thanks for this!

1 month ago
13 minutes ago

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