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Hi all.


I used to Play FM back in the day, had cip8es of 2011-12 and 2012-13. I am somewhat lapsed FM wise but getting back into it. I may go to some doorbell related challenges across those two seasons plus improve on Big Sam if I can get 2010-11..sign Guti and Raul as he nearly did IRL rather than Benjani. 


Keep Dembele and Dempsey at Fulham in 2012-13, they had a VERY good 2nd half to 2011-12 and Craven Cottage was a fortress.  A free scoring fortress.


Here is what I am wondering. FFP at the EFL level, can the game hand down points deductions for breaches in the Championship.


I want to take over a side, surge past the 3 ywar EFL FFP, no efforts to even take it seriously- is there a risk of a substantial deduction in the season of the breach? Call it hyper realism if you like.

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Are you asking about a specific FM such as FM11? Financial fair play wasn't implemented in real life until 2012 so now it won't be in FM11. But yes in general FM replicates real life.

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