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I've been trying to sort out the international qualifiers/nations league/friendlies competitions squad numbers rules for ages now without any success.
The rules which are currently implemented in the game doesn't represent the real-life rules.
In real-life players get numbers 1-23 assigned to them (except for england team NT), so a starting-11 player can have the number 20 assigned for example,
while in the game, the starting-11 get 1-11 squad numbers (which is true only for england NT).
So, I've been able to extract the uefa nations league competitions (thanks to the guide of krelnjushka here 😉, and also suceeded to allow assigning any team number to the players (see 1st screenshot below):


But, I can't figure out a way to limit these numbers to 1-23 as in real-life.
The game just ignores wherever I pick the limited numbers option in the editor (such as in the 2nd screenshot below):



In the screenshot below, you can see that "use team number" option is ticked, that's the option which allowed me to assign any squad number to a player, and without ticking it no squad numbers are allowed, same as in the original game:


Can anyone help me? how to allow limited team numbers as in real life?


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