Hi! I've done the Saudi Arabian league system until the third tier, as the title says, It has the teams updated to the 2023-24 season, which is really the reason why I've done this file, as the only file with 23-24 season teams only includes the SPL and there's no relegation. It includes these leagues:

  1. Saudi Pro League (Roshn Saudi League): It has 18 teams, each team plays each other twice, 3 relegations
  2. Saudi First Division League (Yelo League): It also has 18 teams, each team plays each other twice, 3 pro/rel
  3. Saudi Second Division League: It has 32 teams split in 2 groups of 16, the first team of each group is promoted and the second placed teams play each other for the 3rd promotion, 4 relegations
  4. Saudi Third Division League: It has 4 groups and is inactive so that there's relegation in the SSDL.

It also includes the King's Cup and the Super Cup, but the latter one, instead of having the top 3 of the SPL and the King's Cup winners, due to me not being a real expert in the editor, it only includes the SPL top 4.


There are 2 versions of this file:

  1. Saudi Arabia (No Foreigners): As it says, it's the league system without any foreign player rules, it was mainly done because I wanted teams to sign as many players as they want
  2. Saudi Arabia (With Foreign Rules): This version includes the foreign rules as how they are in their respective leagues, 8 Fgn in the SPL, 7 Fgn in the SFDL, and 5 Fgn in the SSDL (and there's also a 2 player foreign rule in the STDL, but the league is inactive)

How to download and play with the updated Saudi League:

  1. Download the zip file and extract one or both files to “My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/editor data”, if the editor data folder doesn't exist, then create it.
  2. Create a new career in the main menu, and in the top right (where it says “23.4.0 Update”), uncheck the file you don't want (as there are 2 versions) and create the career like how you would
11 months ago
10 months ago

its not working 


2 years ago
10 hours ago

Uncheck one of the files, as it won't work with both activated since there are 2 files with the same nation's system edited

6 years ago
6 months ago

Nao funcionou, mesmo deixando 1 arquivo

The Modelcitizen
1 year ago
15 hours ago

Having checked, he's missing quite a bit of detail, likely not worth the third tier he's added. You'll likely want to use my file to the second tier instead at https://sortitoutsi.net/content/61869/tmc-saudi-pro-league#comment_749151


(posted this in response to the OP posting a similar spam post in my thread)

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