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Hi! I've done the Saudi Arabian league system until the third tier, as the title says, It has the teams updated to the 2023-24 season, which is really the reason why I've done this file, as the only file with 23-24 season teams only includes the SPL and there's no relegation. It includes these leagues:

  1. Saudi Pro League (Roshn Saudi League): It has 18 teams, each team plays each other twice, 3 relegations
  2. Saudi First Division League (Yelo League): It also has 18 teams, each team plays each other twice, 3 pro/rel
  3. Saudi Second Division League: It has 32 teams split in 2 groups of 16, the first team of each group is promoted and the second placed teams play each other for the 3rd promotion, 4 relegations
  4. Saudi Third Division League: It has 4 groups and is inactive so that there's relegation in the SSDL.

It also includes the King's Cup and the Super Cup, but the latter one, instead of having the top 3 of the SPL and the King's Cup winners, due to me not being a real expert in the editor, it only includes the SPL top 4.


There are 2 versions of this file:

  1. Saudi Arabia (No Foreigners): As it says, it's the league system without any foreign player rules, it was mainly done because I wanted teams to sign as many players as they want
  2. Saudi Arabia (With Foreign Rules): This version includes the foreign rules as how they are in their respective leagues, 8 Fgn in the SPL, 7 Fgn in the SFDL, and 5 Fgn in the SSDL (and there's also a 2 player foreign rule in the STDL, but the league is inactive)

How to download and play with the updated Saudi League:

  1. Download the zip file and extract one or both files to “My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/editor data”, if the editor data folder doesn't exist, then create it.
  2. Create a new career in the main menu, and in the top right (where it says “23.4.0 Update”), uncheck the file you don't want (as there are 2 versions) and create the career like how you would
2 months ago
2 weeks ago

its not working 


1 year ago
4 hours ago

Uncheck one of the files, as it won't work with both activated since there are 2 files with the same nation's system edited

5 years ago
1 week ago

Nao funcionou, mesmo deixando 1 arquivo

The Modelcitizen
9 months ago
18 hours ago

Having checked, he's missing quite a bit of detail, likely not worth the third tier he's added. You'll likely want to use my file to the second tier instead at


(posted this in response to the OP posting a similar spam post in my thread)

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