Most accurate Saudi database for FM23. Top two divisions with accurate fixtures for 2022, including the World Cup break, and beyond.


I've programmed Ronaldo to join Al-Nassr on Jan. 1, but it will be compatible with SI's winter transfer update if they have him already there at game start.


Step 1): Click the download link

Step 2): Go here for graphics

Step 3): Get kits from FM Slovakia

Step 4): Rate on Steam if you're enjoying the database

Step 5): Check out the rest of the TMC Megapack for Arab international and club tournaments

4 years ago
1 week ago

please is the third division playable,  Al Hawra fan is here 🙂

The Modelcitizen
6 months ago
3 weeks ago

If you can translate and send me any articles about the league format, foreigner rules, fixture dates and times, etc. Otherwise I just can't research it sufficiently 🙂


Uploading a new version today as someone on the SI Games forums noticed a weird roster glitch, after January anyone with a high squad number (40+) was getting deregistered

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