I'm using the 23/24 season database update and everything works well, except end of contract free transfers. It is impossible to offer any UK based player a contract when their current contract is expiring. Any foreign based player is fine, but UK based no working. Anyone have any ideas? Screenshot attached for download.

1 year ago
2 days ago

This was always in the game, you can only offer a player from UK  a pre-contract when there is only 1 month remaining. It's some kind of rule, other leagues like the russian i think have the same rule/system

Melodrama Forever
3 years ago
1 hour ago

Yeah, Turkish league also has a similar setting, however it is not due update, it is part of Bosman rule and base game as well

10 years ago
4 weeks ago

English team cant between them but any other league can get their players 6 months before the end of contract.

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