Update - 24.2

Enhanced colour updates to all balls.

Additional balls added


Update - 24.1

Winter balls updated for applicable leagues.

Cup competitions with a league then knockout phase may not work due to the coding. I have added the ones that I could think of e.g. Champions League, Europa League, World Cup etc.

If there are any issues, anything missing, requests etc. let me know.




Over 80+ 3D Match Balls for FM24.

The ball will change depending on what competition you are playing in.


How to Install

Extract the ‘balls’ zip file. 

Then move the ‘balls’ folder to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\graphics\pictures - (create any folders if you don't have them)

It is important that the ‘config’ file is in the ‘balls’ folder.


If anyone has any requests or feedback on the balls, let me know.


I have not tested every ball just so you are aware.


Credit to Bartdude as I used his previous ‘3D Balls Match Pack’ as inspiration to create these.

Flavio Perrone
3 years ago
4 months ago
By safc_1879 19 December 2023 - 23:22 PM UTC 

Are you able to change 2d balls? 


I've been looking for the same thing for years, I swear this is literally ruining my game.

14 years ago
5 days ago

Hey, my Scottish cup ball is transparent, any idea where I've gone wrong, been using the old pack for years without issue.


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: I managed to sort it, it looks like the Scottish Cup was missing from the config file. I added the below line to the config to resolve the issue, just added it under the Scottish League Cup entry.


<!-- Scotland - Scottish Cup -->
 <record from="spfl" to="graphics/pictures/balls/1301430/default"/>

3 years ago
2 hours ago

Meiji Yasuda J League 2024 season, YBC Levain Cup (J League Cup) The game ball has changed, so I will upload it. Please let me know if there is a way to create it.

8 years ago
1 week ago

Please can the new League of Ireland match ball for 2024 be made? It is for both tiers so competition ID's 129372 and 129373.



4 years ago
2 weeks ago


I wanted to make (or copy) balls for a mod. I took your pack - with your name in it - and added some balls for the mod.  That's OK?


Question: how does that cup style Knockout Standard Ball mode work?

I mean, that what balls will those teams use BEFORE the knockout phase? Normal league ball?

What kind of line should there be in config file?


Can the ‘friendly’ ball be defined league by league?

8 years ago
9 hours ago
1 year ago
3 days ago

The new UCL Knockout ball released, are you guys interested in making it and uploading in to the pack?
Imo the design of the ball looks really cool

7 months ago
1 month ago
By Flavio Perrone 02 January 2024 - 14:06 PM UTC 

I've been looking for the same thing for years, I swear this is literally ruining my game.


Me too,But i have 2d balls for Fm2023

Emil Reszka
2 years ago
3 months ago



How can I assign one ball to all competitions in the game? Please help.
In the lower leagues, the ball is gray and cannot be seen.

14 years ago
3 days ago

Is this pack dead now?

15 years ago
13 hours ago

Latest EPL 3D match ball for end of season. If necessary, rename it to the name in your config file.

Radomir Żółtowski
2 months ago
1 day ago

The ball for Scottish Cup is undefined or the configuration is incorrect. It is defined as 1301431 while it is 1301430 is the game.


To fix:

  1. In "graphics/balls" folder open Configuration file in Notepad and find “Scotland”.
  2. Either change League Cup/“spfl” id from “1301431” to “1301430” or add a new definition with the new ID and a winter ball as below:

<!-- Scotland - League Cup -->

<record from="spfl" to="graphics/pictures/balls/1301431/default"/>

<!-- Scotland - Scottish Cup -->

<record from="spfl" to="graphics/pictures/balls/1301430/default"/>

<record from="spfl w" to="graphics/pictures/balls/1301430/winter"/>

4 years ago
2 months ago

Hello, does this also work in 2D? Thanks

13 years ago
17 hours ago

Puma Cumbre - Copa Libertadores 2024 Ball



13 years ago
17 hours ago

Puma Cumbre - Copa Libertadores 2024 Ball


6 months ago
3 days ago

Hi @bartdude  can your share final balls pack with the newer balls and with fixed the incorrect lines?
Would be cool to play with the final fm24 balls pack (to start a long Save…)

Thanks if possible!

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