Hey Everyone,


First of all I apologise if any of this is posted under the wrong headings or wrong categories but this is the first time I have submitted any content for anything to do with Football Manager. For the past 5 months I have been playing around with the various modding tools available for Football Manager which has included the FM Kit Creator (excellent tool I thoroughly recommend). Initially when I was experimenting with the FM Kit Creator I wanted to create something for a Soccer Aid type event I had created in FM23 using the PGE. Upon reflection, and having better learnt the intricacies of the FM Kit Creator I realised that the first draft concept kits were awful and in amongst doing my own custom teams I decided to have another bash at Soccer Aid. So here I present to you the World XI FC Soccer Aid for Unicef team.


I know the kits aren't perfect and I wouldn't even try to compete with some of the skilled kit makers that are in this great community but I thought I would share my work in case anyone else wanted to use it. I have compiled everything you need into one folder. Just unzip into your graphics folder wherever you store teams.


The folder contains:

Home Kit (2D & 3D)

Away Kit (2D & 3D)

Club Logo (Normal Club Badge)

Club Icon (Small Club Badge)

Soccer Aid background to be used in place of the city picture (I used Mustermann's skin in FM23 so this is why)
World XI FC background (same reason as above)


In order to get this to work properly, you need to create the team using the Pre-Game Editor and take note of the UID number. In the PGE, make sure the created team has a home and away kit created along with at least one GK kit, otherwise the kits won't work. 


All you need to do then, is open the config file in this folder and replace the ‘2000XXXXXX’ with whatever UID the PGE generates for your game.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


I hope you enjoy my work. 

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