These files will give every single player in Football Manager random potential ability making each save more unique.


In the game all players are given a current and potential ability between 0 and 200. A player cannot progress any further when the two are the same. 


By default players under 21 mostly have random potential ability so a player may range from 120-150 PA and this will be different with every save (the potential is fixed once the save is started though). But most other players do not and will have a fixed potential in every single save, so after a while you get to know who is good and who isn't.


This file fixes that by giving every player random potential so even players who are aged 26 who previously were always stuck with a PA of 135, will now range from 120 to 150 in every save.


One consequence of this is that older players can suddenly have alot of improvement even really old players like Cristiano Ronaldo. If you think that's stupid and don't want older players having random potential then only use the file labelled “Under 23”.


Also available on the Steam Workshop:

Under 23: 

Over 23: 



To install simply place in "Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2024/editor data"


Follow this guide for more detailed instructions

2 years ago
5 days ago

honestly wish this was also for fm23

1 year ago
2 days ago

If i have a save started will this work?

2 years ago
1 day ago

but where do i put the files?

17 years ago
9 hours ago

Goes in editor data like everything else and yes you need to start a new save.

gak penting
3 weeks ago
1 day ago

can you make under 30 ?

12 years ago
6 days ago
By AndréMonteiro16 18 November 2023 - 20:16 PM UTC 

but where do i put the files?


Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\editor data

Max Sterry
2 years ago
2 days ago
By gak penting 20 November 2023 - 04:42 AM UTC 

can you make under 30 ?


Just use the over 23 version. A player isn't likely to improve much past the age of 27, having Jordan Henderson get an extra 14PA won't have a noticeable effect on the game.

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