I've never had this problem before, but my game simply won't access the icon faces I've downloaded to my graphics folder.

1 year ago
1 month ago
11 years ago
4 days ago

did u place the files in the right place? should be in the fm24 folder under your “my documents” folder on windows

Gregorius Eddo
1 year ago
1 hour ago

use apps fmXML for configs file after you download new faces

Jimmy M2023
2 months ago
2 months ago

I recently bought a new laptop in the sales and for the past 5 days ive been setting everything up, the wait has been tremendous. a few hours ago i finished setting up and installing all the add ons for FM24 ( The cutout megapack took the longest) . First video i saw on Youtube was good but was too fast and couldnt follow certain steps) i found another and it was easier to follow. i did create ‘faces’ and ‘iconfaces’ initially after watching 1st video but after finding the 2nd video ( Face pack Install Guide Football Manager 2024 by WorkTheSpace which is 10:05mins long) i deleted the iconfaces file/folder as he did not create one in the video, followed his video and now the cutout megapack is installed, its awesome, all i have to do is customise my skin and im ready! I thought id never get there lol. good luck!!

10 years ago
21 hours ago

I had the same thing, turns out the game had created a folder in my One Drive, in a different place than the usual graphics folder and saved games folder in My Documents. Maybe look there, put the graphics folder in the sports interactive folder if there is one in one drive too, that's how I've got graphics in the game. It's not even looking for graphics in the usual place, I don't know why and it saves game in One Drive as well

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