Welcome to the World Super League (WSL) for FM24. With over 100,000 downloads and Steam subscriptions over the last 7 years, the WSL is the most downloaded, most highly acclaimed and most advanced Super League mod in FM history.


WSL is a total conversion 'Super League' where the top 1200 clubs in the world all play in England. If you find the base game too easy, or you just want a new challenge, then this will be the ultimate test of your management and tactical skills.


The default league system in England has been completely replaced with custom leagues, cups, awards and graphics. Featuring 1,200 clubs from around the world, including 172 clubs from England; this is one of the largest and most complex super leagues ever created for FM.


Written by a software developer with a high attention to detail and many years' experience!
Not only do I create this mod for others to enjoy, but I also spend thousands of hours actually playing it myself every year.
It's a true labour of love that takes several weeks to complete, but provides me with some of the most memorable moments of my life.


There are two "editions" of the WSL; a free "Public Edition" and the "Ultimate Edition". Although the "Public Edition" is probably the most advanced super league mod freely available, it's essentially just a demo version of the "Ultimate Edition", which includes: an advanced youth league system, migration of players and staff from B/II teams in other leagues, additional rebalance addons, extra TV money, travel grant money etc. I ask for a small $10 donation for the Ultimate Edition to cover the time, energy and effort I put into each version; and also keeps me motivated to release my own personal mod to the general public each year. The Ultimate Edition also receives all my post-release attention, in terms of updates, features and additions.


* League Structure


  • All clubs play in England
  • 1,200 clubs in total
  • 6 tiers (levels/divisions)
  • 5-of-12 subs
  • 35 player squads
  • Every division/level has a league cup
  • 28, 36 or 96 clubs in the Premier League. Each version has a different set of challenges and feeling.
  • All Premier League clubs play in a UEFA competition
  • 75,000+ players (est)
  • 77 countries (est)
  • 400+ Awards.
  • The top 750+ clubs in the world are included.
  • All 160+ playable clubs from England are included.
  • No changes to the default international competitions.
  • All clubs keep their 'based nation', so youth players will come from their original country.
  • Custom graphics; backgrounds, logos, awards and trophies.
  • All clubs have an U21 and U18 team with their own leagues and cups.
  • The top 3 divisions have a B League (reserve) team in addition to the U18 and U21 youth teams
  • U21 players don't need to be registered for first team matches.
  • League transfer windows between 9 June to 31 August and 1~31 January.
  • All clubs play in one of the Super League Cups.
  • Perfect schedules.
  • Many rebalancing addons available in the Ultimate Edition
  • 30,000+ DB changes.
  • Travel grant money provides a small subsidy for clubs travelling from oversees.
  • Highest quality with lots of testing and balancing.
  • Created by a software developer with a very high attention to detail.




Why do I ask for donations, when other mods are free?
1) Because this is what I ask for. Because my personal time, effort and energy is worth your $10/€10 donation!

2) Because this is an extremely high quality super league mod, featured on several websites, youtube and twitch channels.

3) Because this is my personal mod, that I literally spend thousands of hours of personal time, energy and passion every year, over the last 7 consecutive years.

4) Because my mod is TRUSTED by literally tens of thousands of players every year to be the best save they've every had. Many players like myself don't even play the base game anymore.

5) Because your small $10 donation is literally not even enough to pay for all the hard work and effort I put into this project! Consider it a token and symbol of appreciation.

6) Because you get one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) super league mods available.

7) Because there are several versions in the Ultimate Edition, a 28 club PL, 36 club PL and 96 club PL; as well as many addons.


The Ultimate Edition is available for a modest $10/€10 donation. This covers the months of work that goes into each edition.

This mod was made possible by all those that donated money for the Ultimate Edition in previous years.

Thank you to everyone that has donated before, your kindness and generosity have made this possible!

When you make a $10/€10 donation, please send me a message that you want the "FM24 Ultimate Edition"! Please also include your PayPal name and I will send you the password to unlock the special Ultimate Edition zip file.

Once you have made the donation, send me a private message here or on Discord that you've donated and you want the "FM24 Ultimate Edition"!

For your own privacy, please do NOT post in the public forums that you've a donation!

Please give me at least 24 hours to send your password. I usually send them within 2 or 3 hours if I'm not too busy or sleeping.


3 months ago
1 week ago

我想要FM24 终极版,并已经捐款!

2 months ago
2 weeks ago

I need FM24 Ultimate and have donated it to you using PayPal, [email protected].

John Conner
11 years ago
1 month ago

Hey mate, I paid for the ultimate. [email protected]

13 years ago
1 hour ago

Congratulations on this spectacular mod! Question: Is there an alternative way to make the donation? In my case, it's because I don't have PayPal. Thank you so much!

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