Hello guys, this is my first upload, I've used Daveincd El Salvador rules, as a base for the Colombian new rules as they were so similar, so a lot of credit to him, this file updates:
Teams: Alianza Petrolera no longer exists, and was replaced by Alianza F.C. located in Valledupar, Atlético Huila and Unión Magdalena are relegated to 2nd division, Fortaleza CEIF and Patriotas were promoted to the top division, some second tier teams were corrected, relocated or renamed. 

Format: the new format is a league stage of 19 games, after that we have quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, home and away ties with penalty shootout if needed, 2 champions per year.

Average points updated to account for the 2023 season.

Jhonner Viloria
3 months ago
4 weeks ago

Buen trabajo, como actualizo el logo del alianza FC y los nuevos kits 2024?

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