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I typically upload my editor databases on steam, but this one has a graphics pack in it so I figured I would try to upload here.  Anyway here is the description of my database:


Please note that this has undergone some testing, but I have not heavily played through as a club yet so there may be a bug or two here or there. Especially with regional promotions and relegation.

This database is an alternate universe where instead of a Super League forming with existing clubs, entirely new clubs spring up to fill in the League. This database contains 83 hand created teams, complete with their own logos, stadiums, finances, managers and owners. The clubs are from 40+ countries across the globe.

The league exists in the place of San Marino so year one there will be minimal continental slots, but as these clubs with massive budgets start winning in Europe those slots will grow. Please note that even though some clubs might not exist in Europe, they are still eligible to play in the champions league:. The top tier has 20 clubs and 1 club is relegated each year down to a more regional tier.

North America
South America/Africa

There are further relegation into a non-playable 3rd tier where many extinct clubs(such as NASL clubs) and clubs from non-playable nations(such as Saudi Arabia/Iran etc can randomly come up as well.

These clubs will not participate in their nations FA cups, but it wouldnt be any fun if we couldnt test these new clubs up against the existing clubs in their respective nations. So instead the league has created their own massive more prestigious cup called the Global Elite cup. 43 nations and 4 larger regions(For teams from non-playable nations) will compete in qualifiers. These qualifiers will typically occur just before the start of each home nations season to act as a preseason tournament. Winners from each nation along with the previous years GPL champion will compete in the Global Elite Cup.

The clubs have massive budgets, but do not have any players currently so you can either choose to add players to the clubs at the start or use the massive budget to build your team from scratch. Be warned though, if you choose to build from scratch it may be a bit easier as the AI usually takes a season or two to fully utilize their resources.


I have attached the MEGA link below for the graphics pack download:




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