Marc Louden
11 years ago
4 weeks ago

So i am currently doing an online save with a friend of mine. We both start out with 0 badges and as sunday league footballer experience.  I have went Kilmarnock and he went Motherwell.

In our first season i finished 4th in the league and won the Scottish Cup, whilst he finished 5 with Motherwell but with no silverware, I also won Writers and Players Manager of the year.

Into the 2nd season and we're half way through (November). I am in the europa league group stage and doing well, whilst also sitting 2nd. He was sitting 4th and in the conference group stage.

Now multiple championship jobs have came available (Swansea, Cardiff, QPR, West Brom, Luton) in which we both applied for them. Now he has had interviews for all of them and has since took the West Brom job, I however have not even received an interview for any. 

Is this a bug in the game as our stats are the same, our media handling etc are identical but i have the stronger CV over the past year and a half.


Has anyone else experienced anything similar or have any fixes?

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