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Yeah, I know. 2017 is like a century away, but I'm still playing a save. Although I could potentially do with the logos of FM24, I'm still wondering whether there is a logo and kit pack out there for FM17. I have searched around and there wasn't an easy answer. I'm wondering why this can be so tough to get your hands on these in 2024 or is it perhaps because t's antiquated? The reason why I'd like the FM17 logos and kit pack is because I think there could have been a few changes with the teams (teams now defunct, yet then active) and so on. I know I managed a team that is now defunct (Mordovia Saransk) and it would be good to have the right logos for these. It just looks a lot better than these generic ones. Anyway, if anyone could show me the way to these logos, I'd be very happy.

18 years ago
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If you visit the SS Kits area there is an FM17 version, in the Metallic Logos section you can click “view archived packs” to view older versions as well, but really you may as well get the more recent ones as they're larger and more complete 

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