Hi there people,

I have made a new fictiv competition (Romania Rebranded), that includes: 


# 3 playable leagues, with a total 8 subdivision, and 1 (4th tier) playable league with 42 regional sub divisions. Each division has 16 teams to choose and play, first 3 leagues has playoff -playout system, league 4 and all it's 42 sub division play regular 2 games a year each. champions join a 12 group promotion playoff with extra games.


# There is also 4 tier league for U19 teams, that can relegate and promote, plus the 1st league champions can go to UEFA youth cup.


# For the first 3 leagues, There are awards for players, managers, even for the referee, there is TV type setup, time and dates when the games are played.


# For each local region it has been created custom weather, it has been added local region media source, and some other 9 general national media sources.


# All leagues and cups, Seniors and U19, have final/stage prize money and advance TV money, to ensure no financial collapse.


# Country tax has been modified, minimum wage for players has been added for full time and part time.


# Kits and stadiums has been updated to current situation for first 3 leagues (120+ teams), stadium has been added to the league 4 teams (regional common stadium that share together), no team is owned or sponsored by government any longer, prizes for entire competition is more than 170 Mil per Year.

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