This database contains a Club Super League with 20 of the best teams in the world qualifying every year to play there for insane money prizes.

As well as that, teams have some of their all time best players as part of their squads, with former footballing legends added to the game, as well as players moved to one of their previous clubs (Jude Bellingham at Birmingham, Sadio Mané at Liverpool, Pirlo at Juventus, etc.), as well as players being reverted to being much younger so you can play with all these players in their prime for a lot longer.


Would appreciate any feedback regarding players I missed that you'd like to see added, as well as any suggestions for how to improve the Super League (I couldn't manage to make it so the teams are decided through coefficients, so that's the first thing I'll try to sort out).


Hope you enjoy!

Deleted Account #2095488

trevor francis at birmingham please

and also a player face database 

7 months ago
3 weeks ago
By Deleted User #2095488 24 June 2024 - 18:43 PM UTC 

trevor francis at birmingham please

and also a player face database 


I'll add him next update for sure! I'm also working on a facepack but it'll take a while for it to come out unfortunately.

4 months ago
22 hours ago

It's an interesting tournament that you did, but when I start a new game it generates some players where it shouldn't, my game is loaded with the league of Spain, England and Argentina and there is a mess of players that you can't imagine hahaha. By any chance you wouldn't have the Super League alone without the legendary All Star players?

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