An Alternative History of Australian Football - in Football Manager. New teams, new history, new competitions. Almost 40,000 Database changes!

The Story
In the 1850’s, various forms of ball sports had started to take hold in the Australian colonies - most prominently the version that most closely resembles the Association Football we know of today.


By 1865 most organised football had adopted the English Football Association rules and each colony slowly introduced their own colony championships over the next 40 years. Rugby is played in the limited upper classes, especially private schools, however association football is the game of the common man - local iterations of football never really take off, and Rugby League doesn’t make a meaningful foray into Australia either.


By 1901 there had been many inter-colonial matches (especially the Eastern colonies) but nothing consistently organised - that changed with Federation and the introduction of the Federation Cup - despite being a knockout cup competition this acted as a de facto national championship until 1961 when logistics and technology finally allowed a national league to be established (now known as the Australian Premier League).


A second division was added in 1999 (National League 1) and a third in 2016 (National League 2) - below this the leagues are still regionalised, chiefly in the 4 Regional Premier Leagues. The Federation Cup continues to run as the primary nation-wide cup tournament with the semi finals and final played on consecutive weekends at the start of December to end the club season; and each state continues to run their own State Championships in February & March prior to the national leagues beginning in April.

This database includes 228 created clubs based on this alternate world, with little trace of the “real world”.



What's included?
• Australian Premier League with 18 brand new clubs
• Australian National League 1 with 18 brand new clubs
• Australian National League 2 with 18 brand new clubs
• 4x Regional Premier Leagues with 18 brand new clubs each (VIC/TAS, NSW/ACT, QLD/NT & SA/WA) 
• An additional 102 created teams from leagues below that can be promoted into the RPLs
• Promotion and Relegation between all tiers
• Federation Cup - national cup competition featuring 400+ teams.
• 6 State Championships (VIC, NSW, TAS, QLD, WA, SA) & a Territories Cup (for ACT/NT teams) that are played before the leagues commence.
• History update for players, clubs and comps to reflect all the above (should be little to no trace of the A-League clubs that "never existed" in this timeline) 
• Stadium Updates to reflect the alternate history
• Logos & Kits (highly recommend to use so everything in game looks right - I've overwritten some existing clubs so things may look weird without this applied).
• Written history of the clubs in the readme file to give more immersion



Things to note 
• Some real name fix files and other databases/logo packs may mess with the intended team/league stadium names in this file.
• Be careful to look at foreigner limits as they vary slightly between tournaments.
• NZ & OFC players count as locals in Australian competitions, but may not in Asian comps.

5 years ago
2 days ago

Can't wait to try this out, I've always wanted to do a save in Australia but the A-League is not attractive to me at all so this is very exciting!

13 years ago
2 hours ago

Thanks for your work! What are the changes in this new update?

10 years ago
2 days ago
By Azrael 12 July 2024 - 23:52 PM UTC 

Thanks for your work! What are the changes in this new update?


Basically removed/changed all lower division clubs so there is no-one recognisable left in the database - really helps with immersion in the cups. Complete alternate history now. 


2 years ago
3 days ago

Gonna give this a whirl, starting a save with Ipswich Town in the QLD/NT league

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