Delta VVVV
2 years ago
1 week ago

I love the Sas24 skin in the spreadsheet part of the game, but in the match engine it seems to cause stutters. Especially when watching a match that you're not involved in (I like to watch the Euro's and WC matches of my country 🙂) it becomes a stutterfest. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm guessing the overload of information on the little tablet thing. A graphic heavy skin like FLUT works just fine, but I dislike everything about it, except the match engine presentation.


So my question: Is there anyway I can somehow combine these skins: Sas24 for the spreadsheet part and FLUT for the match engine? Or is there a skin out there with a similar presentation as Sas24 but without the match engine stuff?


edit: oh yeah forgot to mention during a replay of a goal it's silky smooth, like the match engine is when I'm not running Sas24

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