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Often when you have a problem with the graphics displaying properly in Football Manager, the easiest solution is to clear the Football Manager Cache. This guide will explain how to do just that:

If you're using Windows you may need to enable hidden files/folders. NOTE NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS.

This can be done in the following location:

Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View -> Advanced Settings
Then select 'Show hidden files and folders' you may also need to untick 'hide protected Operating System files'.

Now follow the following instructions to clear the cache in various operating systems.

Windows XP:

1. Open "My Computer"
2. Navigate to : "Documents and Settings\\Application Data\
3. Go into the "Sports Interactive" Folder.
4. Go Into the "Football Manager " Folder.
5. Delete the "Cache" folder inside.

Wndows Vista/7:

1. Click "Start"
2. Click your username on the start Menu
3. Click on "AppData" and then "Roaming"
4. Go into the "Sports Interactive" Folder
5. Go into the "Football Manager " Folder.
6. Delete the "Cache" Folder inside.


1. Open Finder.
2. Select
3. Navigate to Library\Caches\Sports Interactive
4. Delete the the "Sports Interactive" Folder.
5. In the Library folder find the folder called "Preferences"
6. Delete the "Sports Interactive" Folder.
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windows 11


AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022

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