This page refers to an older game Football Manager 2014. View Italian Serie C1/A in all games.

Italian Serie C1/A

The Italian Serie C1/A is a league in Football Manager 2014. Serie C1/A can be found in Italy in FM 14. The Italian Serie C1/A is playable in FM2014.

This page describes Italian Serie C1/A in FM14 if you are looking for a Data Update that updates the FM14 Database with updated squads, latest transfers and promotions and relegations then download the FM14 Database Update instead.

Name Balance Budget Wage Avg Age Avg Att Training Newgens Yth Recruitment Rating Potential
AlbinoLeffe £473k £83k 1,500 Good Adequate Limited 57 62
Aurora Pro Patria £355k £47k £12k 1,000 Adequate Basic Limited 53 58
Carrarese £592k £59k 1,300 Below Average Basic Limited 56 60
Como £592k £83k 1,200 Average Basic Limited 58 62
Cremonese £2m £296k 3,500 Excellent Average Limited 60 62
FeralpiSalò £473k £95k 700 Below Average Basic Limited 54 60
Lumezzane £828k £83k 450 Good Below Average Limited 55 61
Pavia £473k £95k 650 Average Below Average Limited 55 60
Pro Vercelli £592k £177k 1,800 Good Adequate Limited 59 62
Reggiana £592k £95k 2,500 Average Below Average Limited 58 62
San Marino £710k £41k 484 Average Below Average Limited 55 61
Savona £651k £95k 1,000 Average Basic Limited 56 59
Südtirol - Alto Adige £592k £95k 1,500 Good Below Average Limited 57 62
Unione Venezia £710k £83k 1,200 Average Below Average Limited 59 62
Vicenza £592k £177k 5,000 Great Average Limited 58 61
Virtus Entella £946k £177k 1,000 Below Average Adequate Limited 60 62