This page refers to an older game Football Manager 2014. View Minnesota United FC in all games.

Minnesota United FC are a team in Football Manager 2014. Minnesota United play in the American Second Division in United States in FM 14.

Minnesota United FC
United States
American Second Division
Average Age
Wage Budget
Training Facilities
Youth Facilities
Below Average
Youth Academy
Youth Recruitment
Stadium Capacity
Average Attendance

Minnesota United FC Newgen Rating

Below Average

Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Minnesota United FC will be Below Average

Minnesota United FC Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Minnesota United FC in Football Manager 2014?

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Minnesota United FC Players in FM14

All Minnesota United FC Players in Football Manager 2014
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Omar Daley 32 AM RL, ST £430 £18k £7k 15-11-2014
Tiago Calvano 32 D C £500 £82k £36k 15-11-2014
Aaron Pitchkolan 30 D C, DM £560 £132k £58k 15-11-2014
Simone Bracalello 27 AM L, ST £370 £83k £35k 15-11-2014
Mozzi Gyorio 23 AM C £370 £194k £12k 15-11-2014
Geison 26 AM RC £370 £2k £890 15-11-2013
Michael Reed 25 M C £370 £2k £170 15-11-2013
Mitch Hildebrandt 24 GK £310 £630 £190 15-11-2013
Brent Kallman 22 D C £310 £4k £3k 15-11-2014
Christian Ramirez 22 ST £370 £9k £11k 15-11-2014
Kentarô Takada 30 M C £370 £1k £600 15-11-2013
Pablo Campos 29 ST £740 £161k £71k 15-11-2015
Floyd Franks 29 DM, AM RC £430 £34k £15k 15-11-2013
Brian Kallman 29 D RC £370 £6k £370 15-11-2015
Cristiano 27 D C £370 £133k £57k 15-11-2014
Matt Van Oekel 26 GK £430 £102k £44k 15-11-2014
Justin Davis 25 D/WB L £370 £51k £21k 15-11-2014
Miguel Ibarra 23 AM RL £490 £202k £89k 15-11-2014
Kevin Venegas 23 D/WB R, M RL £370 £3k £2k 15-11-2013
Nate Polak 23 ST £310 £2k £830 15-11-2013