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DSC Arminia Bielefeld are a team in Football Manager 2014. Bielefeld play in the German Second Division in Germany in FM 14. DSC Arminia Bielefeld are a playable team in FM2014.

DSC Arminia Bielefeld
German Second Division
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DSC Arminia Bielefeld Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by DSC Arminia Bielefeld will be Average

DSC Arminia Bielefeld Transfers

Looking for players to buy for DSC Arminia Bielefeld in Football Manager 2014?

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DSC Arminia Bielefeld Players in FM14

All DSC Arminia Bielefeld Players in Football Manager 2014
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Carsten Rump 32 D C £700 £3k £1k 29-06-2014
Tim Jerat 31 DM, AM C £3k £110k £50k 29-06-2014
Patrick Platins 30 GK £4k £195k £89k 29-06-2014
Thomas Hübener 31 D C, DM £3k £90k £40k 29-06-2014
Philipp Heithölter 30 D/WB L, AM LC £1k £63k £27k 29-06-2014
Christian Müller 29 D/WB R, AM RLC £4k £408k £193k 29-06-2014
Sebastian Hille 32 AM RLC £3k £22k £11k 29-06-2014
Johannes Rahn 27 AM RL £2k £207k £91k 29-06-2014
Manuel Hornig 30 D C, DM £4k £291k £138k 29-06-2016
Jonas Strifler 23 D/WB R, DM £2k £230k £224k 29-06-2015
Jan Fießer 26 DM, AM C £4k £322k £145k 29-06-2015
Tom Schütz 25 D C, DM £4k £357k £179k 29-06-2015
Arne Feick 25 D/WB/M L £4k £612k £291k 29-06-2015
Marcel Appiah 25 D RC £3k £232k £104k 29-06-2014
Stephan Salger 23 D LC, M L £3k £513k £240k 29-06-2015
Marc Lorenz 24 D/WB/AM L £4k £357k £161k 29-06-2016
Oliver Petersch 24 D/WB R, M RL £3k £465k £214k 29-06-2015
Dennis Riemer 25 D R £2k £162k £12k 29-06-2014
Anass Achahbar 19 AM RL, ST £3k £85k £171k 29-06-2015
Ben Sahar 23 AM L, ST £6k £2m £961k 29-06-2015
Vujadin Savic 23 D C £3k £933k £965k 29-06-2015
Patrick Schönfeld 24 AM RLC £3k £566k £263k 29-06-2015
Felix Burmeister 23 D C, DM £3k £185k £181k 29-06-2014
Philipp Riese 23 DM, AM C £4k £393k £179k 29-06-2016
Fabian Klos 25 ST £5k £1m £591k 29-06-2016
André Kording 24 DM £970 £7k £3k 29-06-2014
Stefan Ortega 20 GK £1k £88k £127k 29-06-2015
Pascal Schmidt 21 DM, AM C £2k £120k £129k 29-06-2015
Kacper Przybyłko 20 ST £3k £720k £1m 29-06-2015
Jarno Peters 20 GK £840 £22k £27k 29-06-2014
Patrick Mainka 18 DM £1k £120k £220k 29-06-2016