This page refers to an older game Football Manager 2016. View Qatari Stars League in all games.

Qatari Stars League

The Qatari Stars League is a league in Football Manager 2016. Stars League can be found in Qatar in FM 16.

Name Balance Budget Wage Avg Age Avg Att Training Newgens Yth Recruitment Rating Potential
Al-Ahli Sports Club (QAT) £3m £800k £80k 1,000 Adequate Basic Limited 61 66
Al-Arabi Sports Club (QAT) £8m £4m £150k 3,000 Average Adequate Limited 65 70
Al-Gharrafa Sports Club £9m £5m £200k 3,000 Average Adequate Limited 66 70
Al-Jaish (QAT) £10m £1m £270k 24.6 1,500 Below Average Basic Limited 64 68
Al-Kharitiyath Sports Club £2m £1m £80k 1,000 Basic Basic Limited 60 65
Al-Khor Sports Club £6m £2m £120k 1,000 Adequate Below Average Limited 61 64
Al-Mesaimeer Sports Club £1m £100k 800 Basic Poor Limited 60 64
Al-Rayyan Sports Club £5m £3m £140k 3,000 Below Average Adequate Limited 65 69
Al-Sadd Sports Club £9m £5m £180k 3,000 Average Average Limited 64 70
Al-Sailiya Sports Club £3m £500k 800 Below Average Basic Limited 62 65
Al-Wakrah Sports Club £7m £2m £120k 2,000 Average Below Average Limited 60 65
Lekhwiya Sports Club £11m £5m £210k 2,500 Adequate Below Average Limited 64 70
Qatar Sports Club £8m £4m £160k 1,500 Average Adequate Limited 64 67
Umm-Salal Sports Club £4m £2m £80k 1,500 Adequate Below Average Limited 63 66