This page refers to an older game Football Manager 2018. View Dutch Hoofdklasse Zondag B in all games.

The Dutch Hoofdklasse Zondag B is a league in Football Manager 2018. Zondag B can be found in Holland in FM 18.

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Dutch Hoofdklasse Zondag B
Total Teams
Avg Balance
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Avg Training
Avg Youth Rating
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Manage in Dutch Hoofdklasse Zondag B in Football Manager 2018

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Name Balance Budget Wage Avg Age Avg Att Training Newgens Yth Recruitment Rating Potential
DESO 1,000 Poor Poor Limited 27 29
DHC Delft 200 Poor Poor Limited 51 54
EHC/Heuts 158 Basic Basic Limited 37 40
Gemert 450 Poor Poor Limited 47 50
Halsteren 390 Poor Poor Limited 50 52
Ido's Football Club 700 Poor Poor Limited 49 51
RKAVV Leidschendam 500 Poor Poor Limited 30 32
rksv Groene Ster 0 Poor Poor Limited 50 52
RKSV Nuenen 500 Poor Poor Limited 41 44
sv DOSKO 250 Basic Basic Limited 17 18
sv O.S.S. 1920 350 Basic Basic Limited 41 43
VC Vlissingen 200 Poor Poor Limited 30 31
VV Chevremont 500 Poor Poor Limited 19 21
vv Gestel 275 Poor Poor Limited 26 27