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Heracles Almelo are a team in Football Manager 2018. Heracles play in the Eredivisie in Holland in FM 18. Heracles Almelo are a playable team in FM2018.

Heracles Almelo
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1 Record achieved with Heracles Almelo in FM18

13 13 yellow cards (1-12) 0

Heracles Almelo Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Heracles Almelo will be Basic

Heracles Almelo Transfers

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Heracles Almelo Players in FM18

All Heracles Almelo Players in Football Manager 2018
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Brandley Kuwas 24 AM RLC £3k £4m £2m 30-06-2019
Bram Castro 34 GK £1k £593k £299k 30-06-2018
Brahim Darri 22 AM LC £2k £1m £736k 30-06-2020
Kristoffer Peterson 22 AM RL £2k £1m £574k 30-06-2019
Wout Droste 28 D RL £2k £861k £425k 30-06-2019
Peter van Ooijen 25 DM £2k £671k £327k 30-06-2018
Bart van Hintum 30 D/WB/M L £2k £2m £738k 30-06-2019
Jamiro Monteiro 23 AM C £2k £819k £881k 30-06-2020
Lerin Duarte 26 AM LC £2k £819k £397k 30-06-2019
Dries Wuytens 26 D RC £2k £561k £272k 30-06-2019
Tim Breukers 29 D/WB R £2k £434k £209k 30-06-2018
Jeff Hardeveld 22 D LC £1k £416k £561k 30-06-2019
Robin Pröpper 23 D C £2k £521k £551k 30-06-2019
Jaroslav Navrátil 25 AM R, ST £570 £438k £209k 30-06-2018
Vincent Vermeij 22 ST £2k £489k £653k 30-06-2019
Dario Van Den Buijs 21 D C, DM £1k £507k £822k 30-06-2020
Reuven Niemeijer 22 AM LC £1k £445k £590k 30-06-2020
Paul Gladon 25 ST £12k £539k £432k 30-06-2018
Harm Zeinstra 27 GK £720 £160k £12k 30-06-2019
Mohammed Osman 23 AM C £1k £356k £227k 30-06-2020
Michael Brouwer 24 GK £460 £57k £19k 30-06-2018
Tim van de Berg 19 D C, DM £600 £99k £163k 30-06-2018
Zeki Erkilinç 19 AM RL £1k £77k £148k 30-06-2018
Gor Agbaljan 20 M RC £460 £57k £78k 30-06-2018
Renze Fij 24 GK £430 £62k £29k 30-06-2018
Roland Baas 21 D LC £520 £64k £70k 30-06-2018
Sebastian Jakubiak 24 DM £760 £507k £385k 30-06-2019
Kai Huisman 22 ST £550 £52k £42k 30-06-2018
Niels Leemhuis 19 AM LC £370 £50k £78k 30-06-2018

Heracles Almelo Loaned Out Players in FM18

Players out on loan from Heracles Almelo in Football Manager 2018
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Tarik Kada 21 AM RL £530 £93k £105k 30-06-2018
Daryl van Mieghem 27 AM RL £2k £365k £170k 30-06-2018
Renze Fij 24 GK £430 £62k £29k 30-06-2018

Heracles Almelo Staff in FM18

Heracles Almelo Staff in Football Manager 2018
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Rob Alflen 49 Assistant Manager (First Team) 30-06-2018
Peter Reekers 36 Coach (First Team) £913 30-06-2019
Nico-Jan Hoogma 48 General Manager £1k 30-06-2018
John Stegeman 40 Manager (First Team) £2k 30-06-2018
René Kolmschot 48 Manager (Reserve Team) £818 30-06-2019
Steven van der Werp 42 Manager (U18 Team)
Ricardo Cicek 47 Manager (U18 Team)
Emiel Bolscher 34 Physio (U19 Team) £502 30-06-2018
Hans Bredewoud 42 Chairman 30-06-2019
Colin de Graaf 24 Head of Sports Science 30-06-2018
Marcel de Ronde 36 Physio (First Team) 30-06-2018
Mark-Jan Fledderus 34 Director 30-06-2019
Niki Leferink 41 Head Physio £461 30-06-2018
Dick Rosink 63 Chief Scout 30-06-2016
Michaël van Doren 27 Chief Data Analyst 30-06-2018
Brian van Loo 42 GK Coach (First Team) £420 30-06-2020