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Douglas Haig are a team in Football Manager 2020. Douglas Haig play in the Argentine Torneo Federal A in Argentina in FM 20. Douglas Haig play at a stadium called "Miguel Morales" in Football Manager 20.

Douglas Haig
Argentine Torneo Federal A
Average Age
Wage Budget
Training Facilities
Youth Facilities
Below Average
Youth Academy
Youth Recruitment
Stadium Capacity
Average Attendance

Douglas Haig Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Douglas Haig will be Basic

Douglas Haig Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Douglas Haig in Football Manager 2020?

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Douglas Haig Players in FM20

All Douglas Haig Players in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Pablo Mazza 31 AM RL, ST £2k £323k £170k
Gabriel Solís 35 DM £2k £37k £18k 30-06-2020
Fabricio Henricot 29 GK £1k £225k £325k 30-06-2020
Leonardo Sánchez 32 D C £2k £159k £25k
Brian Flores 29 D C £1k £258k £90k
Juan Aguirre 32 AM R £1k £101k £15k
César More 29 D/WB/M L £1k £197k £89k
Franco Coronel 25 AM RL £1k £233k £103k
Damián Senegalles 28 D/WB L £680 £105k £46k
Damián Bastianini 34 DM, M LC £590 £12k £5k
Cristian Girard 34 ST £890 £27k £11k
Rodrigo Chaves 29 D/WB R £850 £140k £60k
Pablo Labbate 26 AM R £570 £92k £23k
Juan Bueno 32 ST £530 £38k £16k
Ricardo Villar 30 AM C £520 £76k £32k 30-06-2020
Ezequiel Santángelo 23 D/WB R £540 £84k £78k
Agustín Pezzi 22 D C £520 £76k £90k
Esteban López 21 M C £510 £80k £170k
Facundo Rodríguez Soto 24 M C £570 £80k £25k
Nicolás Maza 22 GK £440 £57k £47k
Martín Pucheta 31 D C £560 £63k £26k
Nicolás Henry 20 D L £0 £85k £113k
Pablo Soloaga 20 D C, DM £0 £88k £116k
Joaquín Soulages 20 AM LC £0 £92k £121k
Facundo Cejas 21 M C £420 £65k £68k
Santiago Díaz 19 D/WB L £430 £58k £89k
Ignacio Perticarari 21 D C, DM £520 £80k £83k
Iván Berdini 20 M RL £0 £74k £94k
Máximo Rosanigo 24 DM £380 £57k £36k
Matías Varela 21 D C £330 £45k £46k
Braian Beiró 21 GK £340 £33k £34k
Juan Moretti 20 AM R £0 £51k £63k

Douglas Haig Loaned Out Players in FM20

Players out on loan from Douglas Haig in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Agustín Cabello 20 AM C £0 £137k £300k 31-07-2019
Ramiro Britos 21 M C £330 £51k £130k 31-12-2020

Douglas Haig Staff in FM20

Douglas Haig Staff in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Sergio Arias 46 Manager (First Team)
Juan Romero 51 GK Coach (First Team)
Darío Palavecino 35 Assistant Manager (First Team) £400
Enrique Cantoni 50 Manager (Reserve Team)
Marcelo Apesteguía 45 Coach (First Team)
Pablo Enrich 36 Head of Youth Development 30-06-2019
Adrián Samana 42 Head of Youth Development £230 30-06-2019
Pablo Dorado 32 Fitness Coach (First Team) £120
Claudio Marucci 51 Head Physio £170
Javier Martínez 49 Director
Leandro Moschetti 40 Chairman