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Hapoel Haifa are a team in Football Manager 2020. Hapoel Haifa play in the Israeli Premier League in Israel in FM 20. Hapoel Haifa are a playable team in FM2020. Hapoel Haifa play at a stadium called "Haifa International Stadium" in Football Manager 20.

Hapoel Haifa
Israeli Premier League
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Hapoel Haifa Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Hapoel Haifa will be Good

Hapoel Haifa Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Hapoel Haifa in Football Manager 2020?

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Hapoel Haifa Players in FM20

All Hapoel Haifa Players in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Gidi Kanuk 26 DM, AM C £3k £723k £925k 31-05-2020
Ben Vahaba 27 D C £2k £582k £650k 31-05-2021
Francisco Júnior 27 M C £2k £614k £900k 31-05-2020
Miki Seroshtan 30 D C, DM £8k £481k £226k 31-05-2020
Jasmin Buric 32 GK £2k £348k £190k 31-05-2021
Nikola Gulan 30 D LC, DM £2k £395k £600k 31-05-2020
Jakub Sylvestr 30 ST £2k £465k £250k 31-05-2020
Dor Malul 30 D/WB/AM R £3k £397k £475k 31-05-2020
Gal Arel 29 DM £2k £369k £184k 31-05-2020
Almog Buzaglo 26 AM RLC, F C £2k £388k £220k 31-05-2020
Nes Zamir 28 AM LC £2k £388k £174k 31-05-2020
Niso Kapiloto 29 D C £3k £337k £150k 31-05-2020
Eden Ben Basat 32 AM RL, ST £1k £147k £11k
Ofir Mizrahi 25 AM RL, ST £2k £388k £350k 31-05-2020
Tomer Altman 21 DM, AM RC £2k £307k £450k 31-05-2020
Kévin Tapoko 25 DM £5k £307k £240k 31-05-2020
Liran Sardal 24 D/WB/M R £1k £263k £150k 31-05-2020
Ran Kadoch 33 GK £1k £162k £55k 31-05-2020
Guy Mishpati 29 D C, DM £1k £282k £95k 31-05-2020
Mahran Lala 37 AM/F C £1k £26k £18k 31-05-2020
Eli Balilti 25 D/WB/M L £1k £220k £140k 31-05-2020
Ofek Fishler 22 D C £1k £233k £85k
Sa'ar Fadida 22 AM RC, F C £1k £259k £219k 31-05-2020
Gili Vermouth 33 AM RLC £1 £61k £23k 31-05-2020
Dudu Alterovich 19 ST £150 £6k £3k
Snir Talias 19 D/WB RL, AM RLC £120 £3k £3k 31-05-2021
Rotem Fadida 22 GK £100 £375 £0 31-05-2020
Najwan Srahni 19 D C £100 £450 £3k 31-05-2020
Yarin Cohen 17 D C £140 £450 £810 31-05-2020
Afik Katan 18 AM RC £100 £500 £3k 31-05-2019
Omar Abadi 17 M C £100 £480 £830
Oren Tal 19 GK £100 £380 £480
Yarin Sardal 18 D R £100 £420 £640

Hapoel Haifa Loaned Out Players in FM20

Players out on loan from Hapoel Haifa in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Aner Shechter 22 AM/F C £850 £86k £35k 31-05-2020
Tal Hadar 21 GK £500 £34k £40k 31-05-2020
Ohad Albilia 22 D C £100 £450 £3k 31-05-2020
Jeith Gadir 19 AM R, ST £100 £500 £590 31-05-2020
Naji Hamade 20 AM/F C £100 £500 £500 31-05-2020

Hapoel Haifa Staff in FM20

Hapoel Haifa Staff in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Haim Silvas 43 Manager (First Team) 31-05-2020
Pini Avraham 54 GK Coach (First Team)
Dani Bivas 44 Fitness Coach (First Team) 31-05-2018
Meir Ben-Margi 45 Assistant Manager (First Team) £743
Sagi Gabay 28 Data Analyst (First Team) 31-05-2020
Yoav Katz 75 Chairman
Meir Arame 56 Manager (U19 Team) 31-05-2020
Gili Vermouth 33 Player £1 31-05-2020
Dubi Stein 72 Head Physio
Shlomi Shtiker 44 Coach (U18 Team)
Oren Sterling 45 Managing Director
Ram Ben-Michael 50 Head of Youth Development
Idan Goldenberg 39 Director
Avi Weisman 37 Chief Doctor
Loay Zoaby 35 Scout 31-05-2021