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Bucaramanga are a team in Football Manager 2020. Bucaramanga play in the Colombian First Division in Colombia in FM 20. Bucaramanga are a playable team in FM2020. Bucaramanga play at a stadium called "Alfonso López" in Football Manager 20.

Colombian First Division
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Bucaramanga Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Bucaramanga will be Average

Bucaramanga Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Bucaramanga in Football Manager 2020?

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Bucaramanga Players in FM20

All Bucaramanga Players in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Henry Rojas 31 D/WB L, DM, M LC £2k £140k £130k 31-12-2020
Jair Palacios 29 D RC £790 £67k £220k 31-12-2020
Germán Gutiérrez 29 D/WB L £2k £222k £750k 31-12-2020
Eder Castañeda 26 D C £3k £388k £325k 31-12-2020
James Aguirre 27 GK £1k £97k £150k 31-12-2020
Roger Torres 27 AM LC £980 £73k £350k 31-12-2020
Jhon Pérez 30 AM RLC £1k £119k £25k 31-12-2020
Christian Vargas 29 GK £790 £53k £75k 31-12-2021
Fábio Rodríguez 33 D/WB/M L £790 £18k £3k 31-12-2021
Daniel Restrepo 26 DM, AM C £660 £63k £100k 31-12-2020
Nicolás Roa 25 D/WB/M R £980 £129k £180k 31-12-2020
Cristhian Subero 28 AM C £420 £58k £40k 31-12-2020
Yeison Tolosa 21 AM RLC £980 £70k £2m 31-12-2020
Diego Herazo 23 AM R, ST £650 £61k £500k 31-12-2020
Gustavo Carvajal 19 DM £730 £64k £750k 30-06-2020
Ever Valencia 22 AM RC £1k £195k £575k 31-12-2020
Johan Caballero 21 AM RLC £2k £231k £40k 31-12-2021
Rubén Rojas 26 AM R, ST £1k £96k £65k 31-12-2020
Steve Makuka 24 D RC £660 £49k £23k 30-06-2020
Kevin Aladesanmi 20 AM L, ST £730 £33k £15k 31-12-2020
Bryan Castrillón 20 AM RL £360 £51k £45k 31-12-2020
Gustavo Chará 23 D C £650 £56k £45k 31-12-2020
Efraín Navarro 19 D/WB R £420 £54k £240k
Andrés Ariza 21 DM £240 £38k £40k
Javier Orobio 22 GK £530 £47k £23k 31-12-2021
Felipe Barragán 20 AM RC £290 £50k £40k
Julián Jeréz 20 D C £260 £42k £57k
Jhoel Jiménez 20 ST £240 £42k £57k
Óscar Alcócer 18 DM £320 £51k £94k
Marcos Ruíz 20 D/WB RL £240 £42k £56k

Bucaramanga Staff in FM20

Bucaramanga Staff in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Oscar Upegui 49 Chairman
Omar Durán 40 Physio (First Team)
Carlos Arias 27 Fitness Coach (First Team) 31-12-2020
John Jairo Acevedo 55 Chief Doctor
Saúl Campos 44 Physio (First Team)
Javier Cervantes 48 Assistant Manager (U20 Team)
Roberth Villamizar 49 Coach (U20 Team) £210 31-12-2019
Sérgio Novoa 38 Coach (First Team)
Luis Perea 31 GK Coach (First Team)
Jorge Amado Nunes 57 Assistant Manager (First Team) 31-12-2020