Name Total Teams Avg Budget Avg Age Avg Training Avg Youth Avg Academy Avg Rep Avg Att Avg Rating Avg Potential
Irish Premier Division 12
Irish Cross Border Senior Game
Irish First Division 8
Irish Senior Challenge Cup
Irish Cross Border U21 Game
Irish First Division Shield
Irish Regional Second Divisions
Irish Second Division - North
Irish Second Division - South
Irish Second Division Championship
Irish Shield
Irish President's Cup
Irish First Division Cup
Irish Intermediate Cup
Irish League Cup
Irish Under 19 National League
Irish U19 Northern Elite Division
Irish U19 Southern Elite Division
Irish Enda McGuill Cup
Irish Blaxnit Cup
Irish Dublin and Belfast Inter-City Cup
Irish Dublin City Cup
Irish Junior Cup
Irish North-South Cup
Irish P.J. Casey Cup
Irish Super Cup
Irish Texaco Cup
Irish Tyler Cup
Irish Munster Senior Cup
Irish Leinster Senior League First Division 14
Irish Ulster Senior League Premier Division 8
Irish Munster Senior League Premier Division 10
Irish Leinster Senior League Premier Division 14
Irish Regional Level 3
Irish Leinster Senior Cup
Irish Group B
Irish Group A
Irish Group E
Irish Group C
Irish Group D
Irish Connacht Senior League
Irish Leinster Presidents Cup
Irish Top Four Cup
Irish Waterford & District Premier Division 10
Irish Limerick & District Premier Division 12
Irish Leinster Senior League 1B 14
Irish Tipperary Southern & District Premier 8
Irish Sligo and Leitrim Super League 10
Irish Roscommon & District Premier Division
Irish North Tipperary & District Premier Division
Irish North East Football League Premier Division
Irish Monaghan Cavan Premier Division 8
Irish Mayo Super League 8
Irish Limerick Desmond League Premier Division
Irish Wicklow & District League Premier Division
Irish Kildare & District League Premier Division
Irish Kilkenny & District League Premier Division
Irish Munster Senior League First Division 10
Irish Innishowen Premier Division
Irish Galway Junior Premier Division 10
Irish Dublin AUL Premier A Division 11
Irish Carlow & District League Premier Division
Irish Munster Senior League Second Division 9
Irish Leinster Senior League 1A 14
Irish Regional Level 4
Irish Kerry & District League Premier Division
Irish Combined Counties Premier Division 10
Irish Lower Division
Irish Regional Level 6
Irish Regional Level 5
Irish Clare Premier Division 10
Irish Cork AUL Premier League 10
Irish Donegal Junior Premier Division 10
Irish Wexford Football League Premier Division 11

Republic of Ireland Staff

Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Kevin Mulholland 36 Physio (U21 Team)
Anthony Barry 34 Assistant Manager (First Team) 01-07-2023
Dean Kiely 50 GK Coach (First Team)
Liam Clarke 27 Scout
Keith Andrews 40 Assistant Manager (First Team)
Rene Gilmartin 33 GK Coach (U21 Team)
Tom Mohan 47 Manager (U19 Team) 11-04-2019
Alan Reynolds 46 Assistant Manager (U21 Team) 30-06-2020
Stephen Kenny 49 Manager (First Team) 30-06-2022
Dan Connor 40 GK Coach (U21 Team)
Danny Miller 48 Physio (First Team)
Alan O'Neill 63 GK Coach (U21 Team) 30-11-2015
Ruaidhri Higgins 36 Chief Scout 30-06-2022
Dermot O'Neill 60 GK Coach (U19 Team) 01-04-2019
Mick Neville 60 Assistant Manager (U19 Team) 30-06-2022
Jim Crawford 47 Manager (U21 Team) 30-06-2022