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Seattle Sounders FC Players

Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Stefan Cleveland 26 GK £1k £525k £289k 31-12-2021
Stefan Frei 34 GK £5k £949k £300m 31-12-2021
Spencer Richey 28 GK £1k £628k £691k 31-12-2021
Nouhou Tolo 23 D/WB (L) £2k £1m £2m 31-12-2021
Yeimar Gómez Andrade 28 D (C) £8k £3m £4m 31-12-2022
Xavier Arreaga 25 D (C), DM £7k £1m £2m 31-12-2021
Shane O'Neill 26 D (RC), DM, M (C) £2k £880k £598k 31-12-2021
Jordy Delem 27 D (R), DM, M (C) £1k £829k £456k 31-12-2021
Brad Smith 26 D/WB (L) £4k £2m £5m 31-12-2022
Jimmy Medranda 26 D/WB (L), M (LC) £2k £962k £2m 31-12-2021
Danny Leyva 17 DM, M (C) £1k £477k £2m 31-12-2022
Josh Atencio 18 DM, M (C) £1k £200k £606k 31-12-2021
João Paulo (João Paulo Mior) 29 M/AM (C) £9k £3m £5m 31-12-2022
Cristian Roldan 25 M (RC) £9k £1m £2m 31-12-2020
Alex Roldan 23 M (RC) £1k £451k £877k 31-12-2021
Ethan Dobbelaere 17 M (RC), AM (R) £1k £314k £2m 31-12-2021
Kelyn Rowe 28 D (L), M (C), AM (RLC) £5k £1m £4m 31-12-2021
Nicolás Lodeiro 31 M (LC), AM (RLC) £37k £3m £300m 31-12-2021
Shandon Hopeau 21 M (R), AM (RL) £1k £420k £748k 31-12-2021
Will Bruin 30 ST (C) £5k £811k £446k 31-12-2021
Alfonso Ocampo-Chavez 18 AM (L), ST (C) £1k £272k £1m 31-12-2022
Raúl Ruidíaz 30 AM (R), ST (C) £27k £5m £6m 31-12-2021

Seattle Sounders FC Loaned Out Players

Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Trey Muse 21 GK £1k £655k £1m 31-12-2021
Jordan Morris 25 AM (RL), ST (C) £9k £4m £7m 31-12-2021

Seattle Sounders FC Staff

Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Garth Lagerwey 48 Director of Football £7k 31-12-2021
Adrian Hanauer 55 Chairman
Tod Leiweke 61 Director
Jody Allen 62 Owner
Brian Schmetzer 58 Manager (First Team) £9k 31-12-2023
Michael Morris M.D. Doctor (First Team) £1k 31-12-2021
Adam Owen 40 Head of Sports Science
Gonzalo Pineda 38 Assistant Manager (First Team) £4k 31-12-2021
Tom Dutra 48 GK Coach (First Team) £2k 31-12-2021
Preki (Predrag Radosavljević) 57 Coach (First Team) £4k 31-12-2021
Chris Cornish Head of Sports Science £3k 31-12-2021
Ravi Ramineni 42 Head Performance Analyst £2k
Djimi Traoré 41 Coach (First Team) £3k 31-12-2021
Sean Muldoon 34 Fitness Coach (First Team) £2k 31-12-2021
Sean Henderson 48 Chief Scout £2k 31-12-2021
Paul Lombardo Physio (First Team) £1k
Henry Brauner 36 Head of Youth Development 31-12-2021
John Hutchinson 41 Coach (First Team)
Jorge García Valera 31 Performance Analyst (First Team) £1k
Ashmeet Anand 26 Sports Scientist (First Team) 31-12-2021
Drew Carey 62 Owner
Jorge García Performance Analyst (First Team)