Football Manager 2023 Data Update

Football Manager Transfer Update for FM2023 with Latest Transfers and Updated Leagues for FM23 including Promotions and Relegations. Our FM 23 Data Update is the biggest Football Manager Update with hundreds of contributors and you can get involved and submit transfers yourself. Every real life transfer can be added to FM 2023 with our Collaborative FM23 Editor, what are you waiting for? Get editing!

  • Updated 05 Feb 2023
  • 23,430 Changes
  • 210 Contributors
  • FM23.0

Adam SeniorAdam Senior is now on loan to FC HalifaxFC Halifax until 31st May 2023.
Submitted by Simon Yaffe 18 Jan 2023 20:02:26 (Simon Yaffe Submissions)
Enabled by Simon Yaffe on 18 Jan 2023 20:02:26
Disabled by Drafter on 04 Feb 2023 11:29:36
4 years ago
1 hour ago

@Vitor Azevêdo dos Santos Please skip the 1-2 month short-type loans, SI doesn't put them in the game either

5 months ago
1 minute ago

@Drafter Can be disabled, it was a one-month loan 🙂

Adam SeniorAdam Senior is now on loan to AFC TelfordAFC Telford until 30th June 2023.
Submitted by Vitor Azevêdo dos Santos 07 Dec 2022 03:10:57 (Vitor Azevêdo dos Santos Submissions)
Enabled by Vitor Azevêdo dos Santos on 07 Dec 2022 03:10:57
Disabled by Drafter on 10 Dec 2022 11:51:55