Football Manager 2023 Data Update

Football Manager Transfer Update for FM2023 with Latest Transfers and Updated Leagues for FM23 including Promotions and Relegations. Our FM 23 Data Update is the biggest Football Manager Update with hundreds of contributors and you can get involved and submit transfers yourself. Every real life transfer can be added to FM 2023 with our Collaborative FM23 Editor, what are you waiting for? Get editing!

  • Updated 29 Sep 2023
  • 61,753 Changes
  • 400 Contributors
  • FM23.4

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Deleted Account #1094108

@Matthew Salisbury You may set up transfers directly now if you set the start date as 01-07. Also players that are leaving can be set as released etc.

Nathan MinhasNathan Minhas has been transferred to SloughSlough.
Nathan MinhasNathan Minhas now has a contract starting on 1st July 2023.
Submitted by Deleted User #1094108 01 Jun 2023 11:26:20 (Deleted User #1094108 Submissions)
Enabled by Deleted User #1094108 on 01 Jun 2023 11:26:20
Nathan MinhasNathan Minhas has as future transfer to SloughSlough.
Nathan MinhasNathan Minhas future role is as Player.
The transfer will go through on 01-07-2023. With a contract until 30th June 2024.
Submitted by Matthew Salisbury 01 Jun 2023 10:57:13 (Matthew Salisbury Submissions)
Enabled by Matthew Salisbury on 01 Jun 2023 10:57:13
Disabled by Deleted User #1094108 on 01 Jun 2023 11:25:32