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They've gone skint.
Molde Champions!!
Uwe Rosler's Barmy Army.
Winning two in a row is a much bigger achievement than winning the title once, I'll give Solskjær that. It's just that we're so bloody awful.

It's google translate, but anyway... here is a good piece on what we've been doing wrong and still are.

Hoftun own goal
It was Erik Hoftun who led the revolt against former coach Ola By Rise in 2004. The uprising was also the beginning of the end for Rosenborg's heyday.

All successful football clubs have a competitive advantage. In most cases it is a matter of money, one can buy the best of managers, coaches and players. Few teams have anything else. A philosophy which is materialized in the organization and style of play.

The clubs I first think of Ajax and Rosenborg. Ajax won six championships between 1965 and 1973, and won the European Cup three years in a row at the start of the 70th century. Rosenborg won the Premier League thirteen consecutive seasons, from 1992 to 2004, and qualified for the Champions League every year from 1995 to 2003.

Thus, stable perform very well over time.

Naturally creates success a competitive advantage in the form of higher public, sponsorship, Champions League and television revenue. But for those clubs was never money essentials.

Rinus Michels took over Ajax as coach in 1965. He quickly turned the club head. Here are some of the changes he made:

Playstyle: He introduced and developed total football. All players should be able to play any position on the field, and all players should remain in an attack or in defense. In practice this means that all the team's players to take over all the roles of others at all times, requiring good collaboration. Last, but perhaps most importantly, it was important to have the ball in the team.

Philosophy: The bedrock of Michel's work was what later was called "Michels" method. The lagbyggingsprosessen is the key. One of the main points was a common understanding of how you want to play, this was also evident in the training. Specific tactical training in small and large groups was another key factor. You'd make each other better and be learning-oriented, and not least - players would be playing on what they were good at. This requires a good, open communication and a common cultural platform, said Michels. Therefore, you want to do everything possible to recruit players from their own youth department or neighborhoods that have received training in the club's philosophy and style of play. Youth Department will run learning oriented and not competitive.

It was also the Netherlands and Ajax Nils Arne Eggen went on a study tour in the 70s. Here he picked up the total football and "Michels model", which later became the basis for "rosenborg style" and "good terms-theory."

Asked by Josimar in 2010 about the theories are relatively equal, he replied:

"They are very similar. Good terms is the one interaction theory which involves precisely the total football requires. Everybody should play in the roles they thrive in. Made hangs together 100 percent. Players can use their godføtter. "

Or as Eggen brilliant summed good terms-theory: You are good by making the other good.

A common understanding of how you want to play and a common cultural platform seemed to be central to both teams' success. Take a look at these team news:

RBK-Real Madrid 2-0 in 1997: Jamtfall - Heggem, Bragstad, Hoftun, Bergdølmo - Beach, Skammelsrud, Berg - Brattbakk, Rushfeldt and Jakobsen.

Six trøndere, three northerners and two from Oslo. A homogeneous group where most of this time had played a long time in the club and had time to develop.

Ajax's starting line-up in the Champions League final against AC Milan in 1995 (1-0): Van der Sar, Reiziger, Blind, Rijkaard, F. de Boer, Seedorf, George, David, R. de Boer, Litmanen, Overmars.

Nine Dutch, where seven came from a private academy, one from Nigeria and one from Finland. Mostly players who came through the club in the late 80's, after Johan Cruyff had re-introduced "Michels model" of the club. A very homogeneous group with great knowledge of the philosophy and style of play.

But then it stopped repeating the success. For both clubs.

In the mid-90th century was Louis van Gaal change in philosophy. Military discipline was introduced in both the A team and the youth academy. Learning model and good terms theory was abandoned in favor of fat tests and competitive orientation. But perhaps most importantly, if a player was sold, he had to be replaced by an equally good player right away. Ergo, you should buy rather than develop.

In the past 17 years, Ajax only won the series five times and not won any international titles.

Now, Johan Cruyff returned to the club to implement a plan called "The Future," which in practice is "Michels" method back into Ajax. The club has won the league championship two years in a row.

21.10.04 was the date Padres philosophy, as we knew it died. It was the day Ola By Rise had to leave the club as coach.

Erik Hoftun (who played his worst season in Rosenborg ever) and a group of older players led a revolt against his former teammate. Dissatisfaction centered primarily on Rise By performing on the pitch. The arguments were that the City Rise vague and weak.

So - Rosenborg coach fired because he did not give clear enough instructions. Ola By Rise adjusted their style of management in training, won the league and qualified for the Champions League Rosenborg (the second-last in the series).

It should also be noted that when Pep Guardiola was head coach of Barcelona, ​​he brought Juanma Lello as a mentor throughout the first year. Barcelona is perhaps the club in the world that has adopted Rinus Michels thoughts to the fullest. Ola By Rise had no mentor. Those who would do him good, got kicked him either.

Erik Hoftun has later as sports director took further steps away from philosophy Nils Arne Eggen created. And continuity, a keyword to replicate success, is gone. Since By Rise disappeared from RBK barracks, Per Joar Hansen, Per Mathias Høgmo, Trond Henriksen, Erik Hamre and Nils Arne Eggen led Rosenborg, with varying degrees of success and different styles of play. Now is the Jan Jönsson who have the heavy task of bringing Tronds back to the top and into Europe.

Here is a RBK starting line of this year: Orlunden, Høiland, Wang Berg Larsen, Dorsin, Dockal, Henriksen, Issah, Svensson, Iversen and Chibuike.

Fire trøndere, two from Sweden, one from Denmark, one from the Czech Republic, one from Nigeria and one from Ghana and one from Kongsvinger. A clear paradigm shift since the glory days.

Since 2005, RBK "only" won three of seven possible championships and qualified once for the Champions League. A bit ironic is it that during Erik Hoftun regime as sports director, they have never qualified for the Champions League.

Unlike Ajax, Rosenborg has taken a further step away from its initial philosophy. The first steps were taken by the kicking of Ola By Rise. Postulate was abandoned. Ajax went many lean years before they realized that they had to go back to their original values. I think Rosenborg will go many lean years in the face, before they come to the same realization.

I guess you'll have to put up an "AvgĂĄ alla!" banner next time you visit Lerkendal?

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Brian Deane has been appointed new coach of Sarpsborg 08 who gained promotion for next season's Tippeligaen this year. Don't have a clue of what to expect from him, other than the fact he's going to be the first ever black coach in the Norwegian Premier Division.

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Haha, minnows Hødd won the Norwegian cup today having beat Tromsø on penalties in the final. That's quite remarkable, considering they saved themselves from relegation to the 3rd tier on better goal difference.
Apparently Jan Jönsson will be fired any time soon now...

Went to FC København - FC Nordsjælland last night, which ended 4-1.

My thoughts on the game:

A. FCK are a very, very good team, FCN could really only threaten them from set pieces.
B. Parken is a very nice stadium.
C. The match day experience at Parken pretty much covers every single bad thing about modern football, from the overenthusiastic PA announcer to the mascot and the cheerleaders. It felt much more like attending a commercial event than a sporting event and it really reminded me of why I don't attend hockey games in Sweden any more.
Rumours proved to be right; Jan Jönsson was sacked last week. Some of the fans apparently didn't like the rumours about us re-hiring the current U21 Norway coach, Per Joar Hansen, who had a short unsuccessful (to say the least - was sacked halfway through the season) stint with the club back in 2005. The club house this morning:


Perry ? (Per Joar Hansen's nickname) No thanks!


No to Perry and Hoftun (our sporting director) out!

There was also a third banner, saying "Perry in = Ambitions out"
...ended up with Per Joar fucking Hansen. meh, not at all looking forward to the 2013 season, all though he has my support for now.

Jonas, got an idea of what ground this could be? It's from the 40's though, Thistle are facing an Oslo XI in the game.
Judging by the buildings in the background, I can tell it's Bislett stadion. Look at this picture here:



And here is what it looks like today:

Just that it was an old picture on the Thistle Facebook and with it being in Norway, you might be able to assist.

Also, it's been ages since I spoke to you, arsehole
Kjetil Rekdal (ex Aalesund and VĂĄlerenga) hired as new VĂĄlerenga coach
Per Joar Hansen (ex Aalesund and Rosenborg) hired as new Rosenborg coach
Jan Jönsson (ex Rosenborg) hired as new Aalesund coach

Refreshing thoughts in Norwegian football, eh.
By Jonas | Permalink | On 15 December 2012 - 20:21 PM
...ended up with Per Joar fucking Hansen. meh, not at all looking forward to the 2013 season, all though he has my support for now.

It's still early days but getting a little more positive now. We have already signed striker Nicki Bille Nielsen from Villarreal and landed another Dane tonight: Tobias Mikkelsen from Bundesliga outfit Greuter FĂĽrth. Appeared as a sub in all three group games for Denmark at the 2012 Euro's and is said to be familiar with the 4-3-3 system, which we are reverting to now.

Apparently coach Hansen demanded four new signings before accepting the job: striker, winger, centre midfielder and a full back to play on both sides. So far so good, two down two to go with the first game of the season two months away. Oh, and we need Mikkel "Mix" Diskerud to sign a new deal as he's currently out of contract.
Newly promoted Sarpsborg 08 under the management of Brian Deane have just signed former Lyon left back and four time Ligue 1 champion Jeremy Berthod. Bizarreness.
Denmark is to us what France is to Newcastle. Apparently we're about to sign Mike Jensen, which will make him the third Dane to sign for us this transfer window.
He's also a massive massive cunt.
Fisse-Mike, isnt't it? \o/

Good. I like having a cunt in my side. As long as he know how to play ball too.
Fisse-Mike, indeed.

Aggressive, likes a tackle, adequate at moving the ball around, I suppose.

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RBK capitalising on Bröndby's financial troubles?
Oh btw, Moldskred was an absolute waste of space, and has now been released on a free transfer.
By Franck | Permalink | On 07 February 2013 - 00:53 AM
RBK capitalising on Bröndby's financial troubles?

Mike Jensen had already left the club and was out of contract.

That's not a surprise. Moldskred's shit. Still can't believe we actually signed him for 3.5M NOK back then.
Don't know if you're able to watch this in the UK, but here is a vid of Ole Gunnar Solskjær playing FM:

Right, so the start of the season is just under two weeks away and can't say things are looking good based on our pre season friendlies.

CSKA Moscow 0-2
Shakhtar Donetsk 0-1
Olimpija Ljubljana 0-0
Ranheim 0-1
FC Copenhagen 0-1
Spartak Moscow 0-1
BATE and Viking left to play

As you can see we haven't even scored a goal yet. New coach, new players, new formation and all that but we were absolute crap against Spartak tonight. Makes me think we probably should have faced some weaker opposition.
Tippeligaen has finally kicked off again. First few results:

Viking 2-1 Molde \o/
Aalesund 3-0 Haugesund
Brann 3-1 VĂĄlerenga


Lillestrøm - Sarpsborg 08
Strømsgodset - Sandnes Ulf
Sogndal - Tromsø
Start - Hønefoss
Odd - Rosenborg

http://www.coolsport.tv/schedule.html for streams.

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