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NinetyNine Comments

First of all thanks for the excelent work. As you can see from my profile I am a premium subscriber since last year, so not trying to leech anything off.

But my computer is increasingly struggling with unziping the packages (it's hours...each) so I wonder if there is any chance to get a torrent of the FM20 facepack including the avaliable updates (which I believe to be version 12.14 from a couple days ago, or at least with a previous update) that I can download and not need to unpack?

At the moment I have all update packs downloaded, but not even using them...

I appreciate your attention.

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I think this is still the prev verion (18/11 I guess)

Yes, I'm using them.
Sorry for the dumb question, but cannot find 2010 in a search. On step 1 on the DB folders, you talk about the 2000 folder and 2001 folder deleting the dbc, edt, and inc folders -- do we leave the 2010 folder alone? or do the same with it? (or is this the same as it was last year, where it only needed to be in 2 of the folders but not all 3)

Do exactly the same with the 2010 folder yes. That's just the new database, from the most recent game version (20.1).

Hi @hammer9
I'm looking for the same thing, but sadly the links you share are not working. I also shared on their forum but I can't find Porto's kits.
Could you or someone help me? Thank you.

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Football fans in Brazil don't deserve this situation. But just like @Tommy Hughes said, I'm sure they would sell it if they could, because the selling numbers and the money gathered would be much higher. There must be a completely prohibitive reason for them to adopt such drastic measure.

I'm sorry mate. It just sucks.

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Ok, so @NinetyNine must have some other stuff installed, because, in fact, mine is working already

In fact I have another file in the editor folder, Japanese players from the Brazillian research team. Dunno if it can be that, but I'll test again without it as soon as I have time.

@mons I know you weren't answering me, but if any of my posts looks like a disrespect to you or any other's work, it was unintentional. I brought the Premium here not only because I was any impatient with downloading files, but because I value everything you all do here and that make FM a much better game.

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as said I have tested for you and no issues using just our files

so as long as you are not running any other files(and in OP you say just ours) then issue has to be beta testing

Sadly, same thing occurs without the beta. Like @Andre Coelho said, I only have your files (Data Update + Name fix). By removing the Data Update and keeping the Name fix, everything works ok. I'm sorry but there is some problem with your DU. I ended up opening the pre-game editor and making the updates myself on the league I want to play in (Portugal) it was a couple hours of work but it's working fine.

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can you state what version of game you are using (full details) are you a beta tester for SI too

Hi @kingrobbo


Do you think it might be this version? I'm beta tester yes, and I'm not sure 19.3.6 is already public or just beta --- tho SI said it was just a small fix. Quoting Neil Brock: «The 19.3.6 update contains one specific crash fix for an issue affecting some custom editor data saves which were running the MLS. There are no further updates planned for FM19»

Thank you.

I started a new save with your Data Update, the first season went smoothly without any error that I could see. But the season should have finished and the new season being loaded, if I'm not mistaken by 30th June, but I'm already at 7th July and the new season (19/20) haven't loaded. My schedule only have the friendlies I arranged and the Champions League Play-offs.

Here's some screenshots. I'm playing FC Porto in the Portuguese League and the only editor files present are the Data Update and the Real Names fix, both from you and that never gave me a problem before.


Note at the top right, I'm at July but the League Table only shows the previous season, with no option to move forward:

Is there anything I can do or is my save gone? Thanks in advance for your attention.
Hi! I know this is a long shot, but has anyone made a 3D kit for União de Leiria (portuguese 3rd tier)? Thank you!
Argentinian Primera Division would be nice, but difficult, i know.
And also Portuguese NOS Liga and Brasilian Serie A+B would be nice.

You can also find most of the Portuguese NOS Liga in the previous pages, or search by the user @wires2 posts. I´m playing the portuguese league with the kits he made as we speak.

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I need Portuguese League Kits 3D link.
Help me.


There is still no pack since there aren't yet kits for every team, but you can already have most of them (Porto, Benfica, Sporting, Braga, etc...) if you manualy add the kits @wires2 have been making, according to the instructions I gave some posts ago. Check it out and try.

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Hey what config file did you use ? I would like to use the current kits available ? Thanks

The easiest way:

1 - Download the portuguese 3d kit pack from the previous season (it's on this site, downloads, 3d kits 17/18 for FM18)
2 - Replace the images there for the new ones @wires2 made for 18/19 season

Since around 4 clubs (i guess) are still not updated, they will show up the 3d kits from the previous season. If you don't want them to show up, do this two additional steps:

1 - Open the config file with an app like Wordpad (common in Windows systems)
2 - Delete the lines corresponding of the clubs NOT yet updated

Keep a backup of the config file so when wires launches the remaining kits you can add those lines again
Thank you @wires2 for the portuguese kits, I added them to my FM19 with a custom config.xml so I'm already using ingame your kits in my Porto / Liga NOS save. They look brilliant, very well done!
Those are all small things which can be added by the user in the respective lnc files, so no plans for a new version yet otherwise I'd be releasing new versions every couple of days

You're probably the first developer I see in the Internet age that sees "new versions every couple of days" as something negative.
Even Football Manager itself gets new versions every couple of days. 4 updates in the last 14 days.
Has anyone made the 18/19 3D kit for FC Porto?

Also are there any tutorial on how to make them? Would also like to contribute.

EDIT: Found it on page 270+, thank you!

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about the changing names of the portuguese clubs where can i do it? I prefer lie some one said above "Porto" changing to FC Porto, i would like to do it if you could explain to me where i can do it

Good idea I would also like to know. I went to Steam - Tools and installed the pre-game editor. Loaded the fmf file into it but either I'm really dumb or I can't see how to edit it.

Any help is appreciated

EDIT: Found it, clicking on database changes inside the editor and searching for the desired entries to be edited. Now I can properly see FC Porto, SL Benfica, SP Braga, Vit. Guimarães, etc etc. Much better.

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Suggestion for 'short' names in Portugal LIGA NOS




I suggested the same thing. Mons, you should really consider, and thanks again for your work
iirc Portuguese club name changes cannot be edited using lnc files. iirc this is hard-coded by SI and not something which can be changed in any other way than through editor data files. The workaround to get the right names for when you have already started a new game will not work for them. If you start a new save with the editor data files in place, you should get the proper names. If that is not working either, then I'm afraid you must not have installed this fix correctly. Can you give me a screenshot of your editor data folder please?

The short names I've used for Portuguese clubs are the same that were used by SI when there were no licensing restrictions and I've kept faithful to that naming convention. The only difference was Vitoria Guimaraes and Vitoria Setubal, where user feedback on older versions of this fix made me change them to the current names. I've had a quick link on various sources online and the only differences I'm seeing is that some places write Porto and others FC Porto, SC Braga and/or Braga, so I can't see that there's anything particularly major tbh. However, if there's anything in particular you strongly feel should be changed, please submit it and I'll take it under consideration

Thanks for coming back to me.

First of all I'm very appreciative of your work and just wanna thank you a a lot for it.

I have the files correctly installed and the names correctly changed, it's all working perfectly as supposed. The only thing I wanted to change was the shortnames of the portuguese teams, specifically the ones I mentined. It's just a detail, not even important, but I really would like to see FC Porto and SL Benfica instead of Porto and Benfica. I tried to do that editing that inc file but didn't work, hence why I asked you how could I do that. But again, it's a detail that doesn't interfer at all with the game and it's so much better than the 3 letter abreviation that comes with the game database.

Again, thank you mons

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I've downloaded the updated files and like in previous versions I went to edit the City, Club and Stadium Names.lnc file to correct translation for portuguese clubs, but now the changes are not being reflected. I still see the shortnames "Porto", "Benfica" or "Guimarães" instead of the correct "FC Porto", "SL Benfica" or "Vit. Guimarães" that I applied.

Checked the file again and my corrections are in place.

Even quited FM, opened again, started a new save after my corrections but they simply are not applied.

Can you help me? Thank you (even better would be to correct these names in the files, trust me the shortnames you use for portuguese teams are not the ones we use in Portugal, check any portuguese sport newspapper and you'll see).
Wherever possible, I copied SI's own names as used in previous databases prior to the current licensing issues...

It's fine man and thanks again. I've edited the file for me because you don't really see FC Porto being called just Porto, at least not in Portugal. Just a minor, aesthetic suggestion, nothing more than that

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Just a suggestion, that I already did myself editing the file: change the short names of the portuguese teams "Porto", "Benfica", "Guimarães", "Setúbal", etc, to respectively "FC Porto", "SL Benfica", "Vit. Guimarães" and "Vit. Setúbal". That's how we, in Portugal, ID these teams. Thanks a lot for your work!

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I did something close to that, custom made. Heavily based on the 4-2-3-1 gegenpress preset, i just changed the advanced midfielder to a complete forward, pairing with the pressing forward that comes with the preset, effectively doing a 4-2-4. Works well against teams smaller than you and even similar to you, but I wouldn't use a midfield with just 2 players against Champions League teams (against those I use the original 4-2-3-1).