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Qvordrup Comments
Thanks for the help pal. Which file should I moderate to get the correct logo to show when viewing players on 3rd teams of clubs that have them?

As you can see here it works when viewing the 3rd team squad

But once you click on a player, the logo defaults

What should I do to sort this?

Well... The Monaco 3rd team is added by a editor file you have added, it is not in the default database. So to resolve this you probably need to add a logo for the third team. I have made a folder for you that you can use. Then find the monaco logos (id=826) and copy them and rename them the id of the 3rd team (2082083185) and put them in the appropriate folders in "my metallic logos". Then use this app : https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/848/fm-graphics-configurator-for-pc
to make configs for all four club sub folders (normal, small, back left and right).

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Scroll down to the last part (in the link you shared)

KSÍ and the National Teams
Two Distinctive Trademarks
This extensive project is the result of detailed analysis and strategy making by KSÍ which involved, among other things, UEFA consultants in the process. By having two distinctive trademarks, we further strengthen and enhance the images of the association and the national team.

As before, the association will play a leading role in offering educational and supportive development work within a professional and progressive framework, which will form a strong organizational whole. The guardian spirits of the national team symbolise the team spirit and create a unique brand which upholds our values and history.
Im on FM19 and was looking to put the logo pack in. It says for the first time to dl the "complete pack" which is in several parts but all of them say metallic_logos_fm2020. Will they work with fm19 or do i need to just dl the fm19 updates? Also the order of the complete pack downloads are kind of strange as the final version (v7) is part 1 where instuctions say to dl older updates first, does it matter which order you dl / extract these?

You can use the latest update on fm19. But you will experience that some logos are wrong. That is because the logos are associated with club id and some clubs change id from one version to the next one.
Yes it does matter in which order you extract them. Start with 1 (it is in four parts but will extract as one). Then do the updates in order 2,3,4,and so on (make sure to say yes to all overwrites).
cheers appreciate the patience mate


the 'DBU' logo is correct in the top left corner, just need to know what to do to get the same logo to replace the Danish flag and the same for all countries as I can see the correct football federation logo in the top left but then the main photo is just that of the flag

okay... that makes sense... first of all this how it is suppose to look. But if you want to change it, you can. It is the nations folder (confederations logos) and flags folder (large, medium, and small) you have to moderate. The confederations logo you want to show elsewhere is in the nations normal and small folder. First if you want the small confederations logo instead of flags all you have to do is to rename the config in small flags to config_bak. Then if you want confederations badge under nation profile it is the medium flag folder you have to change. Copy and paste the confederations logos from nations/normal to flags/medium (important do not copy the config). If you also want confederations badges under next match, then it is the flag/large you have to change. Same thing... copy and paste the confederations logos from nations/normal to flags/lage (important do not copy the config). That's it

Only thing to remember is that if you apply updates (and there are changes to nations logos), you will have to do this again with the updated logos.

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gladly - how do I submit a screenshot here

use https://imgur.com/ to upload your screenshot.

move the cursor over the uploaded picture.... press the dots next to copy link (more options) and press get share link and then use the BBCode link to copy --> paste the link in to your comment on this site
At the moment I have the default flags showing on the pages of national teams. What do I need to do to change this to be the badges of national federations? The correct badge does show in the top left corner however

Please show me a screenshot of what you mean

snow removed on id=27142305

Hey everyone I Downloaded the logos and got them
Into the game but it’s made my brentford logo generic even though it shows up as the new logo in league standing. Has this happened to anyone before?

It is the "normal" size logo that isn't showing. It is in the pack. My best advice is to download the full pack again using chrome so you can resume the the download if interrupted (you probably haven't got the full file).


The first part is in 4 parts but will unzip as one. Then apply all the updates in order 2,3,4 and so on and accept all over writes.
From the Iceland football federation's official website, the news that confirm they'll use a new logo for association and on the national team jersey



As I suggested earlier they have confirmed this as the new logo for the national team (and not for association), they will keep the logo for KSI. So for now this is an alternativ.

https://i.imgur.com/RAO4VK9.png https://i.imgur.com/sdSJ6EF.png https://i.imgur.com/wYIDKGi.png

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The small logos are just working fine but the normal-sized club logos do not appear. What should I do? Please help.

Download the full pack again using chrome so you can resume the download if it is interrupted (so you are sure of getting the full file).


The part one is 4 files but will unzip as one.... then apply the updates in order 2,3,4 and so on. Be sure to say yes to all the over writes.

There is like a thoundes things that could have gone wrong... so instead of wasting time investigating.... just delete what you have and start the process all over again.
v3changes on uploaded are down please fix or re-up the file. thank you.

Please try again. And If it doesn't work please try again on a different day. It should work
I was looking at starting a career with Stratford Town (ID 5103725) however in the pack they have the same logo as FC Stratford (ID 94052495)
does anybody have the correct logo for Stratford Town?

Stratford Town ID=5103725

https://i.imgur.com/WDPntEI.png or https://i.imgur.com/NxaLp6T.png

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Hi Guys

Hope this makes sense.

Is there a way to have the match screen show the kits and goalscorers like from a few years ago? I seem to recall you could have a split screen where one half showed large pictures of the kit and the team name, and would show goalscorers underneath, and the other half of the screen could be whatever you wanted.

Are there any skins that replicate this type of view?


From what I can guess you are looking for this : https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/30321/220-x-220-kit-display-modification-for-fm17-new-241216

This is the version for fm 20 : https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/51578/220-x-220-kit-display-modification-for-fm20-new-021119

Do you have an idea how i can put back the flags instead of federation logo in attachement ?

Try to modify the config.xml from logo or flags folder but nothing work.
Maybe it's in panels.fmf file ou skin.fmf ? But i don't know really.

What you are trying to is not possible or at least I don't think you like the solution. For some reason it is the big national logos that the game use there. So you would have to change the "normal" sized nations logos to flags.

Can somebody resize this to ''normal'' for FM graphics and also make it Metallic please? This would be really appreciated, thank you

https://i.imgur.com/dQUMu38.png https://i.imgur.com/LEVOd2D.png https://i.imgur.com/5GLJsdk.png
Not working. Did everything but the names, logos are still like if I hadn't added anything.

This does not add logos (or any other graphics for that matter).

Take a look here if you want logos : https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/logos

And here if you want faces : https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/player-faces

And here if you want kits : https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/kits

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@Baja Perhaps you could cut this request? Because you have very high standards, I do not dare to finish this request
Girondins Bordeaux new logo - ID 851


This is not official yet. Please don't request logos that has not been confirmed by the club.
@Asket You have 4 "waiting" team requests. Since the prospect of other people cutting them are quite low, I was think you might have a interest in cutting them yourself.




@RT7 Perhaps you would like to cut this one?
Kings United - 30052346
Any way to override the licensing with the USA leagues? when I start my game in say March or April 2020 I am unable to select the USA as a playable country, only way at the moment is to just add the league in game for 1/1/2021. Much appreciated it frustrates me every edition.

Take a look at this : https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/54298/usa-expansion-file?page=1#comment_536975
Updated Premier League trophy UID=11


Thanks... I know it might be obvious in this case, but please always add UID to the request
Never had 3 at once. I was doing 2, Balzers/Liechtenstein and Sola FK. I ended the Sola FK one because of a couple of things and picked up the Teplice one in it's place.

The Liechtenstein Challenge I play 90% live on Twitch, 3 nights per week (summer breaks I do offline). The YT videos for this challenge are to allow people who can't always catch me on Twitch to still be able to keep up to date. You will notice with that one I only do maybe 2 YT videos per season with this.

The Teplice Career is one that I play offline and post more regular updates to YT as that is my YT series.

So I expect to always have 2 on the go. A Twitch save and a YT save. It's not uncommon for youtubers/streamers to have a couple of careers on the go at once.

It would make sense to use this file for more realisme : https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/50426/fm2020-licensing-and-real-name-fix-file-v01-for-fm20-beta-awaiting-release

most changes are save game compatible, but some only takes effect after you start a new game
is it possible to have the config file ?

The short answer is no. Some will be part of next update and there will of course be a config included. But otherwise you have to gather the media logos yourself and make your own config. All the answers are here in this thread.

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