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Phoenix Arrow Comments
Came on to get some graphics. This forum is dead now. Why?

It's as if everyone who used to post here grew up, went to uni and got a job or whatever. But KM isn't here either?
CM3 was in the pinnacle, since then they've just added more and more useless which makes your game time longer than it needs to be. Who the fuck has time for training schedules?
Giant Killers was amazing in that it was the easiest management game ever. All the player ratings were basically just a rating out of 100. Buy the cheapest guy with the highest number and win. Anyone would go to any team if you had the money.
Best FM was 2007. Best one in recent years was 2011.
I've owned all of the SI ones except for some of the later CM ones because CM4 was a bit shit.
I got this pretty good game called The Long Dark. You have to avoid freezing to death or starving. I've lasted a day so far.
Can anyone confirm if this game is too easy? I've heard that it might be.
I'm looking for a game where I can whack out seasons really quickly and do really well with very little effort so I can feel like I've accomplished something. Is FM2015 the game for me?
Posting on a fucking Football Manager forum.
How is everyone?
Shit. Stopped watching when Sweden completely fucked up a powerplay a couple of minutes after Canada went up 3-0.

Can't say that I am that disappointed though, getting to the final despite missing two of our best centres was an achievement in it self, when it turned out that we'd lose Bäckström today our shot basically fizzled out completely.

Happy with the silver, considering the circumstances, just wish we had lost to someone other than fucking Canada.

Could've been worse. Would've lost to Finland if Rask wasn't out.
Yeah. I havea job with normal hours now which kind of stops me from being able to stay up until 4 watching hockey. Which sucks because that was fucking fun.
Hey Franck. Or other people.
I'm trying to watch more neutral games on Gamecentre because I feel like I'm missing out. But obviously I don't want to watch awful games.
So. Do you know of any website which like... recommends games without spoiling the result? If not, I will have to be picking games at random.
I was supporting Finland this time out. I ordered a jersey and everything but it still hasn't come yet.
It's been a pretty weird tournament. I wouldn't say there have been any really amazing games. Maybe the womens final but I didn't watch that because I'm sexist and have a job.
Reckon Rask would've been the difference in that semi final though. Will be rooting for Canada (or more accurately, Bergeron) in the final.
I just bought bits to build a new PC. Excited.
It says two marks. 35 marks for the whole section.
Best Velvet Underground album. Is also the album which has Sister Ray on it for any Joy Division fans.
Reckon the Sharks will ever win the cup? They've always seemed like a strong side to me but always fizz out.
Iceland look alright to qualify for the World Cup. Have to match Slovenia in the last game pretty much and then come through the play offs. I don't hold out hope for beating any of the teams in the playoffs but we will see.
It's like that episode of Goosebumps with the Giant Ants.
Both are better than living in Leigh Park in fairness.
Someone I know did that last year. Apparently they went on a boat for a few months and nothing happened.
iOS7 brought out some dumb fucks

He put gasoline all over the grill. Then put the gasoline next to the grill when he lit it without putting any sort of cap on it. This was about 4 inches from being a completely different type of video.
Also, I feel like slowly barbequeing the phone would've made for a much more interesting watch. It be interested to see at what point of meltedness an iPhone stops working, but he went for the flashy.
Disappointing, many missed opportunities. 3/10
Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs.
Sound design is outstanding. One of those games where you want to know what's around the next corner, but you don't want to find out, but then there's nothing there or whatever was there has moved somewhere else.
Until there is something there.
Why can't you just lend money from family?

And you really shouldn't be buying stuff with money you don't actually have.

You do realise that not everyone's parents are willing to/can afford to lend their children money all the time, right?

For the second part, I agree. Live within your means.
That's the worst review of anything ever.
I did sign up with them, I think, but not sure if I uploaded my CV. Will double-check.

Yeah, I'm at the point now where I just want to work in the short-term to earn some money and I'll figure out what I want to do with my life at a later date as it could take a while. By the way, do you mean to look for jobs in the paper or agencies that advertise there?

Go to Manpower or something and get a temp contract then.
I just meant it's easier for you to impress a potential employer when they deal with their hiring internally. If it gives you a name and number you can call them and act really interested about stuff. Being keen is the most important about getting a job after all, I know we've hired some people who know nothing about IT and stuff just because they were enthusiastic about learning.

I think the song is really good, but the video... wow. The fact it's directed by Terry Richardson is no surprise. The guy has had many indecent assault claims against him and claims of 'tricking' girls into doing things they don't want to do.

All that video does is massively damage Miley Cyrus. As much, if not more so, than that VMAs thing. It makes her look desperate and I find it unlikely that she's making these decisions herself. I'd feel sorry for her if she didn't shit money. Living the life of riley probably makes up for the uncomfortable stuff.

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I really didn't like the first album on first glance, most of the songs which were on the radio were too... I don't know. They didn't really have any feeling. They were pop songs and not the kind of pop I like. My sister got the album and I gave it a few listens. I quite liked View From The Afternoon as I'm a sucker for a nice bit of drumming. Some other songs like Mardy Bum were ok, not life changing but they were alright. I feel like once they got some cashflow going with that album, it gave them the freedom to make a great album in Favourite Worst Nightmare. It's not my usual thing, the lyrics were on the whole pretty poor but at the same time it had a lot of charm. Again, my sister got it and I borrowed it but I think I still have it somewhere.

Their next album was I'd say better than the first one, I enjoyed the likes of Cornerstone and The Jewellers Hands but it was pretty boiler plate stuff. I haven't given the other albums a listen because that's around the time I stopped living with my sister.

I think that sums up Arctic Monkey for me. I'd borrow their albums, but I wouldn't buy them. Zero desire to listen to this or their last album.

I will say that Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High is pretty listenable. Not amazing but I wouldn't be upset if it was on the radio.

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Use ShopTo.
Always use ShopTo. They have a play.com store thing too.
Yeah, graduated in June. I've signed up to a few sites such as Reed and a couple others where I've uploaded my CV. Any sites in particular you'd recommend?

Umm. The best ones I find are the ones which advertise themselves in the paper or whatever rather than stuff done through Reed etc. The job I have now, I got because I sent through the application then had a chat with the boss guy.
My contract is up at the end of the month though. They're trying to sort out a position for me but HR are being difficult. Hope I get something, can't be fucked applying for jobs or doing interviews. This way I can get some experience and figure out what I want to do or I can move internally.
I'm sure there are 5000% more underaged girls watching because he's playing. And it's a charity game, so that's a good thing. Squealing fans have no place in football stadium but it is what it is.
Well this is just the worst thing that's ever happened. I hope you all feel really bad about yourselves.
Did you get hard?
Attitudes like "it's only gay if you're on bottom" are fairly prevalent.

It doesn't work like that. Trust me. In fact it's easier to be not gay and be a bottom, it just hurts more.
I'm probably the best placed person to make a comment on this subject, but I really don't care enough. I don't understand how people can go into an encounter and the first thing on their checklist is gender. If you like someone and you think they're attractive then that's all the matters. Of course, there are some people who can't find men or women attractive in any way. To put it bluntly, if you can't do that then you won't be able to maintain an erection.
I'm up for it. I don't have a video camera, but if you set up a kickstater and get enough money I'll hold the camera and cobble together the footage. I've got a friend who works in animation and owes me some favours so we could get some slick looking animations and graphics and shit.

I'm also very unlikely to ever go to a Dog and Duck and even less likely to spend money on fat girls. Commitment to the project and our image is what that is.