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Pajinos Comments
Guillem Jaime (FC Barcelona B/U19)


I made this face for use on our fansite, so it's nothing professional - but still better than nothing

thank you so much for quick reply
alright, sorry to everybody, I will remain silenced now, because I cause a little storm thanks to my innocent post I didn't know that it might turn up this way

Generally cuts from the 'big clubs' are already of a high quality and don't need updating all the time. I'm sure they'll get done eventually but at the moment there's really no need because what's wrong with the current Barcelona cuts? They're more than adequate in my opinion...


nothing is wrong with them, of course ... I just use them on biggest Czech website about FC Barcelona in player profiles section and I would like to update faces, because we are already in new season, but never mind - I am backing off now given the feedback from other users

Just a note about behaviour. FM is a global game that sets out to cover the full range of football as far is it is able. That means that if you want to play the teams you see on TV you can, and equally for many of us it is possible to play as manager of our local semi-pro team. That range not only covers those of us who play the game, but also those who spend extra time and effort putting together packs of cut-out faces for the rest of us to use.

I'm not going to insult people because they want to always start their career as a manager at Barcelona or Bayern Munich. Just as I would not expect abuse for enjoying starting my games managing Kingstonian or Dulwich Hamlet. I think it is particularly poor to complain that those volunteering their time and effort to make facepacks do the teams that take their interest and not yours.

I haven't played as a serie D manager, but I may one day choose to. Especially as some years ago the students I was teaching in Italy included a young lad just breaking into the first team at Fermana. So I am extremely grateful for the incredible work maxtod77 has done ensuring that when I do so I'll have all the faces I might want.

well as I expect, you didn't get my point at all ... I haven't insult anybody for doing packs for these small clubs or complain, I just asked if there is some kind of problem (license, prejudice, whatever) with updating bigger clubs for uses beside the game itself, which I am not playing as much due to my limited free time ... plus last year, Barcelona new pack was released very soon, so there is my train of thoughts
I don't want to be rude or anything, you are doing great job with all packs, but I would like to ask, what is the problem with big clubs releases? for example, I am waiting for Barcelona facepack for two months since they attend a official photosession, and still the only thing I see here is some noname clubs from Italy ... no disrespect, not in any way, I am just curious - is it license issue or somebody else is doing these clubs? thanks in advance for answer
I finally downloaded the whole pack with update and it looks absolutely stunning, thanks Nuno
I think he has got a premium account on one of it, perhaps ... but I am not gonna pay for those either, because my car is now more important, so it looks like I am keeping the pack for FM14 then
finally, good job mate, but will there be a Torrent pack? I am not gonna download it from those crappy servers with download speed limits

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ad CD - I would consider look in AS Roma - Romagnoli and Manolas are beasts, Jedvaj as well
ad LB - Nicola Murru is very solid player or mentioned Santon sound like a good idea
nice job mate, although one thing (aside from those loans) bothers me - you kept Junior Malanda in this update

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god bless your kids (even the future ones), man ... I was waiting for this pack for ages and it looks absolutely stunning ... thanks a lot
Right, let's get on with it ...

Where else should I begin my new life path than in my birthplace?

Short introduction to new best club in Finland.

Our only two years in Ykkönen. In 2010 6th, next year 13th.

We will work on that.

Not bad for the start, but a lot of work in this area as well, that's for sure.

Our opponents from nearly bottom of the Finnish football. I mean there is club called FC Santa Claus in league below us. Really?

You know that it was coming. There are more important things to work on.

For example this.

... but enough chit-chat, let's go! Stay tuned.

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FC Espoo 2014 Home & Away

http://abload.de/img/domacisys0v.png http://abload.de/img/venkovnirgsmp.png
after my latest career and a little vacation from game, I was finding myself a new club in Finland and I occur to FC Espoo, but in the pack there are old logos of them, so I cut the best image I could find (here it is http://abload.de/img/logouusifcespoo64urz.jpeg) for my purposes and I decided to leave it there, if somebody else wants it

however it hasn't got Shiny effect and white line all around logos ... it isn't perfect at all obviously (you can see little pixels of pink colour, which I used to cut out logo itself from that white background), but I think it is still better than having old logo

http://abload.de/img/5189385fes3.png http://abload.de/img/518938m6hl7h.png

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So you want us to do the work for you?

*insert laughing smiley*

well in fact, yeah but that only because I can't do proper cut-out of other pictures (so face is completelly out of my "editing" league), I don't have too much free time to try (part-time job and long-distance school is big time-eater) and I thought that when there was Confederations Cup, you guys made faces for all teams

on the other hand, I am propagating this work everywhere I can
is anybody going to do World Cup 2014 pack? if so, would it mind, if you begin with Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Spain and Argentina? I am making guide to this tournament on one fansite and I need faces of Barcelona players in national kits ... thanks in advance
Motta and Cambiasso on board, decent. I like to keep things in-house too, I'm a sucker for bringing former players back to my club in a coaching role.

Co-ownership deals can be daunting at first, but I definitely think they have their use. They're a good way to raise some funds and also get game time for players who may be just below the level you are looking for. With games at another club, players who maybe only have two star or two and a half star PA could develop into decent backups for you and could be brought back for a cheap fee.

With youngsters it is all about just finding your own development method, I don't usually start paying proper attention to my youth team until three or four seasons in. After that I take a keen interest in who is coming in, who gets loaned out, etc

I also have Zanetti as my Football Director. But he had a preference, so it was easy.

That sounds interesting, I maybe reconsider co-ownerships.
Could be gunning for your job soon enough then, a usurping scenario.

How you been treating the young players in Italy? Been letting them go out on co-owns and loans? Its only on FM14 that I've truly been won over by co-ownership deals. I had a few seasons with Torino and I'd make a point of trying to get some of my youngsters out on co-own deals to try and help them develop over a two year period.

Yeah, I am pretty scared that Thonir will sack me because of him.

And about youngsters: it depends. For the first 4 years, I did not pay so much attention to my young team, so when good loan offer came to my desk, I accept it. I never used co-ownerships, however. In my first season, I try to resolve all this deals and buy 50% of decent ones and sell others (+ I bought Icardi in second season, as I wasn't sure how he will play). I don't like this concept.

Before and during fifth season, I cancelled all loan offers and let just players, who I have conversation with (about 4-5 players with 2 and a half stars at most). I also use some money and bought 4 youngsters by myself and let my Head of Youth Development (Thiago Motta) to buy some other talents. Then it was up to Cambiasso to set starting 11 and after that, I gave free transfer to those, who were left, with almost no value and nto so good potential. And it brings successes so far. For sixth season, I am going to bring two players to A-team.

And I agree that Italy has got a lot of really good players, in my opinion up to 24 years of age.
Just checked wiki, the 2012 version of the tournament had a European invitee, looks like your youth team have been invited.

It occurred to me too. Shame that I can't see all teams from previous years to confirm that, but never mind, I am looking forward to it. Cambiasso is doing miracles with them - first win in Torneo di Vareggio, then in their league group, semifinal of cup I think and now this.

I am currently playing for Inter Milan, finishing 5th season and my Under-19 squad was for some reason qualified to group stage of Copa Libertadores Sub-20, as you can see below on the screen. Why? I think it is bug, because this competition is only for clubs from Amercia, right?

Thanks for replies.


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By hammer9 | Permalink | On 05 July 2013 - 21:37 PM
http://i39.tinypic.com/f5a6u0.png http://i42.tinypic.com/zocaxk.png

thanks Hammer, nice job
can somebody please make flag of Catalunya in large and small version, as the other ones? I think when there is Basque flag, the Catalan one there should be as well ... I need it for one fan-site and its history section

By Pajinos | Permalink | On 23 June 2013 - 10:11 AM
please, can you make Tahiti and Italy Confederations Cup kits? I can't find them

Home: http://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/matches/round=255199/match=300222458/photolist.html#2111740
Away: http://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/matches/round=255199/match=300222467/photolist.html#2114466

Home: http://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/matches/round=255199/match=300222457/photolist.html#2116184
Away: http://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/matches/round=255199/match=300222462/photolist.html#2110931

if you can make them without badges on sleeves and as soon as possible, it would be really appreciated I need them for report on one fan-site

and Uruguay too:
Home: http://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/matches/round=255207/match=300222469/photolist.html#2120437
Away: is already done

please, hurry up - the tournament is almost over and I want to have completed review of it on our site
please, can you make Tahiti Confederations Cup kits? I can't find them

Home: http://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/matches/round=255199/match=300222458/photolist.html#2111740
Away: http://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/matches/round=255199/match=300222467/photolist.html#2114466

if you can make them without badges on sleeves and as soon as possible (away one is good enough, I need it for them for my review of yesterday match to one fan-site), it would be really appreciated

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By caganasaca | Permalink | On 12 June 2013 - 19:58 PM
how tix champions league?

download the XML file above my post from ayaya000 and place it in ads folder in documents
thank you so much, now it is working

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I have little problem ...

I am using non-clubs adboards and I am playing for Barcelona ... here is the thing - I can see La Liga and Copa del Rey adboards, but I can't see Supercopa and Champions League adboards

is anybody experiencing the same? help would be really appreaciated