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Rick87 Comments

As you will have no doubt deduced from the title and previous post, I am taking my first steps into management with Conference North side Boston United. The Pilgrims rose quickly in the early 00's from the Southern Premier League all the way to Division Three with three consecutive promotions. Their stay in the Football league lasted five years before they sank right back to where they started in the Southern Premiership in the blink of an eye, a result of the club chairman having to agree to a league demotion to save the club to bankruptcy after relegation in 2007.

After a season of struggle in 2007/08 the club won promotion to the Northern Conference where they have remained ever since. My mission will be to help the Pilgrims to regain their League status.

I take up the reigns at the Jakeman's stadium from Dennis Greene who was sacked after eighteen months in charge due to the club's horrific start to 2014/15;

Just one win in eleven games obviously isn't good enough for any team, especially one that is expected to finish comfortably mid-table if not higher. I'm confident of avoiding the drop this season and climbing the table. That is the extent of my aspirations for this season and I shall look to build a squad of my own design for 2015/16 to push for promotion with.

The squad is fraught with injuries which may well explain why the club's poor league position, I'll have to manage training carefully in order to get player back to fitness and avoid adding to the physio's problems.

Career Progress

Clubs Managed
June 2014 - Present http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t675/rick871/615_zpstjed2mbp.pngBoston United

Trophies Won
Cabinet is on order from Ikea

Other Accolades & Accomplishments
CV looks a bit bare.

British Steel

Hello everyone and welcome to my attempt at the British Steel challenge, this has been attempted by many over the years, to my knowledge only two have actually completed it, one over on the SI forum and our very own Gendo a couple of years ago.
The premise of the challenge is simple, at least in theory, starting off unemployed and with a Sunday league reputation I must win every league and cup that is playable in the default database within the British isles and the Republic of Ireland whilst using only British and Irish players.

Fa Trophy, Vanarama North/South, Vanarama Premiership, Johnson's Paint trophy, nPower League Two, nPower League One, nPower Championship, League Cup, Community Shield, FA Cup, Premiership

Challenge Cup, League Two, League One, Championship, League Cup, Scottish Cup, Premiership

Munster Senior cup, Division 1, League cup, Senior Challenge Cup, Premiership

http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t675/rick871/nir_zps9f8uwvhg.pngNorthern Ireland
Mid-Ulster Cup, Steel & Son's cup, Interim cup, County Antrim Shield, Division two, First division, League Cup, FA cup, Setanta Cup, Premiership

League Cup, FAW cup, Premiership

It's a hell of a challenge, I don't get a great deal of time to play FM nowadays as I work full time and have my wife and one month old daughter to look after when I get home so my progress will be slow, but I intend to stick with it and hopefully complete the challenge in time for FM16 in October/November time.

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Good luck Gendo, One hell of a challenge, nigh on impossible I would say unless you can muster some serious cash to invest in youth facilities and get some high class kids come through.
Yeah was La Manga iirc.

Yeah that was it.
Wern't Leicester at the centre of something very similar in the late 90's/early 00's? There was some sort of sex scandal in Spain involving them IIRC.
I've not been on Susie much recently but I've just had a catch up on your career mate, albeit with the help of your career summery on the first page rather than reading all fifty odd pages! Amazing stuff, well done.
Best update around the FM scene. I never start a game without it.
I've not done a career in a long while now, seeing this thread again has planted the urge to try this challenge again.
I'm enjoying this season of GoT, I've read all the books but the show has veered away from them considerably in this season so I have little idea of what to expect.
Today is the day, so gutted I couldn't get a ticket.

Still we're going to win, I have my lucky boxers with the hole in on. Never fail.

Tough going but at least there is a bit of breething space between yourselves and Montrose.

Hi can I have this metallic please?

Hereford United's new badge after being reformed.
Love a business expense



Feeling rather envious right now.
If memory severs me correctly, East Sterlingshire was were Sir Alex Ferguson began his managerial career?

Good luck anyway mate.
I feel like no one on this forum can walk 10 yards without getting a serious injury.

I was thinking the same.
Bye bye Burnley.
Newcastle in the bottom three if results stay the same.
Cleaverly has done it again.
Their up to 14th at the moment, amazing turn around.
Started pretty well, Benteke once again looks deadly.
This Sunderland win puts the pressure right on us today against West Ham.
Tory's have retained my area, North West Leicestershire with almost 50% of the vote, Labour second with 27% and UKIP 14%
Former Chelsea Director bids £150M for Aston Villa

Interesting if true, we shall have to wait and see.
Congrats Rich. Shes gorgeous. Can totally relate to that feeling, there is nothing like it.

So when we sitting down to sort an arrangement for my lad and your daughter to get married in 20 years time?

Haha, I expect a dowry of at least three sheep, a goose and a packet of hobnobs.

Although I suspect he was a rival fan trying some rather shite banter it's nice to see they have a sense of humour.
Does seem to be the same handful posting here nowadays. Shame really but the same seems to be true of FMBase, the dugout, Theawaystand etc too. As somebody mentioned earlier Facebook and Twitter have seriously stunted the scene in recent years.

Say goodbye to your independence, and to your sleep!

I'm married, I said goodbye to independence years ago.

Sleep however may be a difficult transition, although this far she hasn't cried much at all. so hopefully she's quiet like me!
Baby arrived at 2.55am after an emergency caesarian yesterday morning weighing 7.7lbs. We've decided to name her Elizabeth Eva Beale which combines names from both sides of the family.


Both mum and baby (and dad) are doing well, hounesty can't describe the feeling of holding her for the first time in the operating theatre, her tiny little eyes looking up at me and holding my little finger with her hand.
I've just slept for twelve hours straight after not sleeping at all since 7am on Friday, hard work this baby business!
Looks as if I'm going to be a daddy by the end of the day, came to Birmingham for a scan today and the fluid level around baby had dropped significantly from the last scan a fortnight ago. Doctor thinks the waters broke but slowly rather than a big gush. They have decided to induce her today. I'm waiting for a train back home to go and get the suitcase, shaking a little as I write this.