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rouchie Comments
upping my previous comment
Hi, fantastic pack, but this is still the image from before the hammers moved in, and without the west ham colours and the floodlights still in the old position, I know you provided instructions quite a while back to add another image but just wondered when this would be reflected in the overall pack as I really dont want to overwrite the image I now have, but don't want to miss out on any updated pics from other teams?
Try with latest win rar, I upgraded mine few days ago

Agree - was same for me til I upgraded
I don't understand why as working for me?


Try the below pic, don't forget to clear cache and reload skin.

Got there at last! There was no file in the teams folder so I copied across to that folder and all good now, thanks!
Really sorry, its probably user error my end but still struggling. The file is saved in the backgrounds folder, in JPG format, other stadiums are displaying when I click on their club stadium names, I have tried to DL with 3 different browsers, Chrome said failed - missing file IE only gave PNG or bitmap options so used firefox. Have cleared cache, reloaded skin but still no change. Am using the wannachup skin
Hi VP. still no joy
Here you go, right click and save the picture as 735 then place in backgrounds folder


Don;t know what went wrong but renamed image as 735 as you suggested and pasted in to the background folder, but both the new and the old image were there? and the old image still displayed even after reloading skin, deleted the old image but now nothing displays?
Thanks, will look forward to seeing that
Loving this pack, any chance of updating the London Stadium for West Ham to show the updates to the stadium making it more identifiable as West Ham rather than the Olympic Stadium??
Both links result in a winrar message saying corrupt file?
Also west ham kit shows some players with long white sleeves instead of the usual blue - thanks for your work though - much appreciated - just trying to help perfect it
Same issue with Burnley after trying the corrected patch
Playing my first game with this 3d kit pack - merci - and noticed that the players with long sleeves on arsenal shirt were wearing an all red shirt whereas the short sleeve ones were correct?
Cheers again DazS8
Thanks for that, installed the Stadium pic 735 but where does pic image id 29076584 go? Nothing to replace in the stadiums folder?
And I see the stadium pre football with athletics track etc in the next match pop up box - amy one able to tell me the stadium pic numbers for the config file and point me towards some suitable stadium as a football venue pics I can use such as the one in in Vicious Ones post?

«This comment has been edited»
Hmmm installed your pack and its still the old Boleyn Ground pic, I had deleted the backgrounds folder etc but no new stadium for the hammers?
Vicious One, that is exactly what I am after

DazS8, downloading your pack now

Thanks all!
I moved the image from the special folder and put it in the same as the other images... It then showed in my game fine.

That worked for me too, cheers
Sorry bud, cant seem to get that to work, still the default third showing? extracted via winrar to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\editor data as directed, cleared cache and set to reload skin, started up FM but still just your cracking 1st and away kit, and the poor default 3rd
they are in Special folder mate

OK, found it in the special folder, very nice! But what do I need to do make it appear in the game, as I just get the generic FM version 3rd kit?

Is any one likely to be working on an update for the stadiums background megapack? I am really keen to see the new West Ham Stadium in FM, much as I will miss the Boleyn
Any idea when the 3rd kit for West Ham will be available (TIW black as used for the Juventus game)

Awesome work btw, COYI
I seem to have the Shalke name issue to, showing up as Gelsenkirchen, most other German names seem fine and I followed your instructions?
Any chance of some Belgian league packs??