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Aerythrylin Comments
I will do a white version of it at some point Hannibal
I see my name in the credits (Drakestone) How did I contribute? Glad I could help either way.


Derived from the word 'vexillum' which means banner in Latin, this dark skin will suit any player. This skin supports both the in-game editor and instant results button as well as user backgrounds. This is the first major release so I expect to see a few bugs somewhere along the line (although I have stress-tested this as much as possible to minimise this possibility)




Extract the Vexillium folder to:

C:/Users/<yourusername>/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/skins

If this folder does not exist, create it.


13/01/15 - Initial Release - v1.0


wannachupbrew for the player details panels.
dave byrd for the base skin, Dynamic, that I worked from.
Flut for his work on the club overview panels (I have modified them slightly)
Anyone else I've missed.

Im assuming the player pic just needs resizing to display them correctly (as they are bigger than default)?

This is the last beta release before it's finished completely. One or two very minor bugs now.

13/11/2014 - Updated to v2.0b

1. Put solid background behind sidebar and continue/nav buttons to make UI appear less broken up.
2. Added colour tint versions of both the mini and large sidebar skins (there is now 4 skin versions to choose from)
3. Improvements to the Player overview and slight changes to the club overview panels.
4. Improved the matchday screens and processing screen to be in keeping with the rest of the UI
5. Added old style tactics panel view.
6. Changed font back to original (HelveticaNeue) except for titles fonts which are in Lato.
7. Other misc changes (too many to mention)

Let me know if you find any bugs, the ones I know of are as follows.

1. FM Settings button displays incorrectly once it's been clicked.

@Heidelberg: It'll be because you have the wrong file path. You should have these two folders.

(Username)/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/skins/slymlyne

(Username)/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/skins/slymlyne sidebar

I'm guessing you have those two folders inside another folder, probably something like this.

(Username)/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/skins/slymlynev1-43b/slymlyne
Post a bug report on the SI Games forum then, I've had the same issue. I've just been installing things to old fashioned way.
Once you subscribe to something, open FM up and on the Main Menu click Downloads, then, click Steam Workshop in top right of box. You can now download from there.
It doesn't as of yet but i'm looking at porting it to FMC when its finished.

This is close to release now (It'll be out as v2.0) I'm just replacing a few graphics to fit better with the aesthetics off the skin better and sorting out the last few issues.


http://i.imgur.com/bXEJSq6s.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QkyEsuAs.jpg http://i.imgur.com/dKCPu8Ys.jpg http://i.imgur.com/kqOTYkys.jpg http://i.imgur.com/L3jSVFxs.jpg


08/11/2014 - Update to v1.43b

1. Header is now truly aligned with the top two sidebar links
2. Both coloured bars in the header are now fully opaque and reflect the primary and secondary colours of the club/competition in question
3. Text has been changed to a slightly less bright white (light grey) until I can find a solution to the white on white problem that happens in the header when teams have a secondary colour that is white.
4. Font has been changed to Lato Regular across the board (one or two text size might need changing)
5. Match titlebar text is no longer bold, and is now more central.
6. New match scoreboard.
7. Slight changes to the Player and Club overview panels.
8. Transparent sidebar on all screens now.
9. Pitch on player position panel on player screen is now bigger and more central.
10. Other misc changes to do with fonts and colours.

Let me know what bugs you find!!

Remember to delete any previous versions of my skin before installing to avoid conflicts. Make sure you install it afresh.

backgroung selector is very nice!
but probably your skin bbc scoreboard panel is not working on...

Its not working yet no as they've changed where the file that is used is in the file structure, this will be included in 1.4
Updated to v1.3, check Changelog in OP for details.
I will update it tonight @vonreichsm
You've got a good base to work from here wanna. Good work so far
Calendar fixed now, yes. And the error has occured at least after the two matches I've played with the updated skin. Cache verifying thing didn't work for me. And actually noticed something else now too:


As you can see, I'm not able to see the amount of extra time stated (the text seems to be a bit low?).

Edit: Third match, third error..

This could be down to the titlebar being smaller than in the default skin (as is Slymlyne). To fix it you would need the match titlebar.xml file from the default skin and then change the inset value of the clock and the scoreboard text to see it correctly.
The date colour problem is now fixed, redownload to get the updated files. As for the match error, does it happen after every match? I can't reproduce the error on my end and the quoted problem code in the error report doesn't exist in the skin files.

Was going to say feel free to nick the code from Slymlyne as I'd already fixed that but too late I guess ;p
Decided to keep the sidebar and do something else with it. Going to get it to hide in a similar fashion to the topbar on full screen match view.

The last update added a background selector but broke the stadium and cklub backgrounds. In the next update they are fixed so it will display stadium and club backgrounds by default (but you can then change it in the background selector.
Anyone else prefer the skin without the sidebar?

Do you mean you can do it in the match full screen like this last year from dasz8? I tried, but it does not work. Only the tv-logo works, but on the left side of window it´s grey. I used the "match full window" panel from the last omega skin. The logo works fine, but the result on the left of the window not.

This is because you have to replace the correct images in the skins graphics folder in order to change any images used by that panel.

SI seem to have changed quite a few locations of things that I'm still struggling to find where they've put the controllers for instead.
New update time!!!

29/10/2014 - Version 1.2

Added background selector to the skin
Changed Player Overview panel
Changed Club Overview panel

«This comment has been edited»
I haven't changed the match titlebar yet, it will all be aligned correctly once I have.

All the strange sized and looking text is caused by the use of the wrong font files in the main folder, the next update will fix that. The kit image at the bottom of the player overview panel will be added also.

As for the back/forward buttons, the only reason I don't usually move them in a skin is because it used to be in top corner. Becuase of the sidebar it seems a bit out of place now So I moved to the right with the continue button so all navigation buttons are together. Takes getting used to but you will
Im aware of the font issue, will fix the show attributes not sticking also for next update in a couple of hours.
@GoonerJoe: Will take a look for ya, was thinking about using the ArtDeDok Better Panels again like I did in Nuu last year.

Updated the download to version 1.1, few small changes and a major bugfix in fullscreen match engine.
I can download fine from both download locations, and the file on susie has been downloaded 30 times. I can't see where the download problem is.

Try the Mediafire link again...

«This comment has been edited»
Added Mediafire link to the description for people that can't download through SUSIE.
I've just downloaded it myself, it definitely works. Will upload it to Media fire as well so you have another option
Just click download now, I can and I'm not a premium member either.
Uploading them as I speak, along with further information.
Oooo, new blood!! :p

Congrats on your first complete skin wannachupbrew! Can't wait to see your take on Scorpio for this year, if you need a hand with anything coding wise do let me know and I'll help ya with anything you need as much as I can. I'll also be releasing a skin (sometime after the full game is released). I might try and adapt a version off Nuu again or do this years take on Vexillium.