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A new version of our data update was released with 276375 changes from 796 contributors.
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I had this style last year, I've only just.... purchased FM 2018 today.

Will I have to re download or can I transfer over the files into fm18?

Hi Krem, any ideas why these logo don't show on here and player stats please?
I have to say guys. Mons is a top bloke(sorry if you're female) he's gone out his way to help me with my Game trying to get the U18s Leagues with correct names the Cups too.

It's a pleasure to have someone like him on here. If I could buy you a beer IRL I would.
I've noticed in Football Manager, SOME grounds look like the ground in real life however others do not look a thing like them is there anyway of changing this?
Tell me the IDs and the competition names you want them to be assigned to, in the below format, and I'll do what I can

1234567 - Mons cup
87654 - Susie KO

Under 18s Cup which I assume is the FA YOUTH CUP - 100000054
English Under 18s Group 1 which I assume is U18s Premier League? - 98040813 - This comes up as South then it looks like teams qualify for another verison of the Premier League if that sounds right?

However then you have English Under 18s Group 1 which is ?(NOT SURE) - 100000046
As I said above, I can't really do anything since the UIDs of those competitions is not fixed.

I suggest you open a new lnc file with Notepad and use the same code for competition name changes as in my file, obviously changing the UIDs and competition name to the ones you want to. Here's a guide with better detail.

Would it be possible to give you the ids of my Game and you possibly help me with the code please
I've managed to sort out the logos for FA Youth Cup, however flicking through all logos I've noticed

Under 23s Premier League GROUP 9 doesn't have a logo showing where as groups 1-8 have logos showing.

Could anyone possibly write me the code so I can copy and paste it into the config files please?

For the Under 18s Cup to have the FA Youth Cup Logo, do I.

Copy youth files over from the separate download and copy the writing on the config and add it into the config already there?

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Then ask kremmen for help in the Metallic logo pack forum

You'll have to tell me more about why and how you're finding it difficult to install the real name fix. Which step of the installation instructions or YouTube video are you having trouble with?

Non! I've installed everything as shown but for some reason my Game shows Under 18s Cup which I believe it should be FA Youth Cup.

With logos premier league cup is assigned however when you go onto the news it shows FA Youth Cup logo i think!
I can assure you there's nothing wrong with it. Probably it's a false positive from your anti-virus. Which site are you downloading it from?

Download your fix pack and the megapack is from here too, the metallic one!

Mons can you assist in helping me get the correct name fix please

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In terms of Under 18s Cup? Is that the FA Youth Cup or is it something different as it doesn't have a name or logo in my game?

Edit: U18s Cup has the logo for Premier League Cup?

Now I'm not sure there is a Premier League Cup in Real Life? possibly is for U23s but this one is for U18s.

Edit 2: Looking at it The U23s have the Premier League Cup, so I assume its an error in the Logo Megapack and the name isn't on here?

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@kremmen Is there a file for Premier League 2(UNDER 23s LEAGUE) small? I don't appear to have it from the file I downloaded?
Best to do them all over again as some files deleted by this download were recreated again, so safer that way

Couldn't wait as I started a new game however I only copied the files onto the 1730 file and it is working fine
So with the update do I just have to install the folders into 1730 or will I have to do them all again
Can the England logo please be done? The current one says THE FA rather than ENGLAND.

Current in game Logo


Correct Logo


EDIT: Krem, do you do a logos pack also for in game?

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New Megapack? There's already one and regular updates so no plans as of now.

Ok, Thank you. So I take it the new Premier League U23s, 18s etc logos need to be put in myself then and changed to correct ID.
They have been done already, thanks to DazS8 and his config - here's the metallic versions of all of them done so far

Any idea when the next megapack will be out Kremmen?
Hi, I posted in here the other day however my post seems to have been deleted for some reason?

This is the new Premier League U21 LOGO

http://www.chelseafc.com/content/cfc/en/homepage/news/boilerplate-config/lat<br />

This is the new Premier League U18 LOGO


This is the new Premier League Youth Cup LOGO


There is also a International Premier League logo, not sure what it is for though? http://d34wgtxj62fjak.cloudfront.net/prod/2016/08/PL_1017_Logo_Intl_Cup_RGB_Vertical_HR.jpg

Hello guys sorry for the late reply. I basically made a new account on the Laptop baring in mind this is a brand new one that I'm on and gave that account admin access. Went onto that account made the changes that way, went back onto the main profile and deleted the account! Working fine though thank you guys.

You're fine to carry on

Thank you for your help muchly appreciated sir.
Seem to have made this work however I have 5 files in my editor folder and not four? done as said in instructions.
Can you not insert your user details when prompted or, alternatively, change your User Permissions accordingly? Not sure what I can do as it seems to be an issue with your setup rather than this file...

No sir. I can post a print screen if you like?
Strange, never had this before. Can I have a screenshot of the error message? Are you trying to extract the file with WinRar?

No, just following the instructions of deleting the folders as above and it keeps saying need permission from admin?
Hi guys I'm trying to install this, so it makes the game feel better however it keeps saying I need permission from the administrator on the PC, which I am the admin and the only account on the PC! Any idea why it is doing this please?
that cant be done the fixtures/results only possible for leagues as it stands, the only thing that can be done is to use FMRTE to change tables in group stages to get teams through to knock outs in a saved game

So, if I'm on the right lines here. I download FMRTE, change Leicester City group to Brugge, Kobenhavn & Porto then then save everything and all will be ok!

Can I delete/remove FMRTE after I have made the changes or would it need to remain on my Laptop due to edited data?
I absolutely love the idea of this, would there be any way to incorporate Champions League fixtures into this @frankthetank87 even Europa League. I'm a Leicester fan and would love to have our group etc on FM!

I have purchased a yearly subscription but I don't want auto renewal on how can I change this please?