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Bian Comments
When you get bored of this, I recommend somehow turning an MLS team into this sort of a world beater.
Awful news, RIP Tito. You're a genius and a fighter.

It was nerve wracking in both legs, but we did it. Mario Serna, the golden boy, clinched the tie, couldn't be any more romantic.


We meet again.

Thought it would be a lot tougher, especially away in the first leg, but we did it. In the Western Conference Final three times in the four seasons I've been here.


Here we go. The home stretch.
Enjoying this! Never have the patience to do an MLS career but I'd be tempted to try!

Cheers! It's the ultimate test with the salary cap, international restrictions, etc.

Anyways, finished the 2016 campaign so here's an end of season update heading into the playoffs.


Salt Lake drew Portland in their last game and I blew it by losing 1-0 to Chivas in my closing match. I missed the chance at back-to-back Supporters Shields and top of the Western Conference, meaning I get Seattle.

Here are my fixtures from May to October (scroll up if you want to see March-April)


Finished 2nd in Cascadia Cup and 2nd in the Champions League group stage to an amazing CF America side. I'll post all of this and more in the 4th season update.

Guaranteed that I'll finish top three in the West which is nice, but if I don't get 1st overall, I'll be upset.

On the other hand...


I'm out of CONCACAF Champions League. It was always going to be tough to overcome the holders of the competition, they absolutely killed me over both games, although my set piece defending was woeful. Would've been close had it not been for lapses.

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It was pretty ugly. Didn't have Fernandez or Mezquida (starting CF & AMR) due to injury & fatigue respectively. Once I changed up my tactics after 3-0, our play improved, at least now I know how to deploy my team for the return game.

Onto the next one, because I think Champions League success will have to wait until next year.
CONCACAF Champions League began, forgot to mention the group I was drawn into.


CF America. The holders of the competition. I wanted the best and I got them early. Challenge accepted.


Thanks for playing, please try again later.


I HAVE BECOME ARSENAL. Best part of this is that a day later, Sion made a $4 million bid for him (he's valued at $3.3 million), uh, no thank you.

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I don't know how I did it. I didn't have four starters because of Copa America (CONCACAF combined with CONMEBOL) then I lost two more due to injury before this game. Chicago are leading the league overall and it was in their building.

Nigel Reo-Coker gets sent off for a stupid challenge, off comes Serna, in comes another MC. Then my young homegrown centre back decides to get his second booking 12 minutes later, though that doesn't upset me because he's inexperienced and I switched to more rigid tactics.

The fact I kept it close was amazing, let alone scoring and winning. My 17 year old third choice goalkeeper had to play (another homegrown talent) who has less than a half-star of current ability had the game of his life.


Running on adrenaline, I told them to fuck off and to stop playing games.
I must try it out soon. As for the Newcastle job offer, it seems like they began a trend...


The Montpellier job was enticing, but I want to achieve greatness in my home first. It's nice to know that I'm wanted though.

In more depressing news...


Thanks to this deal, I need to play a friendly against them in late July between two Cascadia games. Thanks a lot, Roman. I need to cancel out this news with something positive, so I went shopping.


One of the best executives in MLS, doesn't mean a whole lot, but even a year ago staff like these guys wouldn't be interested in signing with us. Now they are which means I may have to upgrade some of my staff this winter.

Time for a homegrown talent (Nicholas Smith) to take over as DM, I'll stick with my DM-MC-MC-AML-AMR-CF 4-3-3/4-5-1, thankfully I have the personnel to switch tactics.

In other news...


I accepted the interview, they offered a $74 million (around 50 million pound) transfer budget, to play direct football and to invest in youth. I decided to stick in Vancouver as I want MLS supremacy followed by North American success before even thinking about moving.

Sorry, Skacel, I had to reject the chance to turn your club around.
Love a bit of MLS, there's never been enough MLS career threads about.

I'd be tempted to cash in on Serna if those bids start getting towards 7m, imagine how much that could be reinvested in MLS terms?

I invest in youth, that's one of my board's philosophies. I've had them upgrade the training and youth facilities twice, going to ask again once the 2016 season ends. When January hits, I'm going to see how many clubs ask for Serna and at what price. I'm hoping for somewhere close to $10 million, it would be absurd for an MLS player.

Anyways, quick update as I enter the summer months.


That hurts, especially because Seattle has two games in hand on me and it would've kept me top of the West. I'm still in decent shape both in the Cascadia Cup and Western Conference though thanks to Portland's win away to the Sounders.


Decided to change tactics slightly and drop the midfield a bit deeper to combat the strong central players the Sounders had. It worked well, but my wide players were left isolated without Serna.

Canadian Championship re-invigorated my team after a heart breaker the weekend before.


Qualified for the Champions League anyways so it didn't matter, but I got my revenge and I earned my first trophy of the season. Bring on the rest of North America.

Slipped up a bit here afterwards.


Thankfully I recovered right away and beat Sporting Kansas City 3-1 at home. Still alive and kicking in the table.


It's time for the grind A.K.A the summer MLS fixtures.

You followed through and continued the save. Well done, Rossy boy.
As for my performance in 2016, here's my squad this year, I'm thinking about moving Nigel Reo-Coker once this season ends to make room for a homegrown player in my academy I'm looking at. It'll save me tons of cap space as well so it's a win-win.



The fixtures have been coming thick and fast. Needed penalties to defeat Edmonton, though I played back-ups for that semi-final. I've already qualified for the Champions League thanks to the Supporters Shield win in 2015, but I want to give the fans something to cheer about. I hate Toronto FC for continually edging us out in finals (MLS and Canadian).


As for the table(s), here's the Western Conference and combined standings. TFC once again on top... Those rich bastards.



At least I defeated Portland and have a chance to gain ground on Seattle as May begins. Updates coming once the second third of the season has been completed. You're now up to date.
All three seasons are up, I missed a couple of screenshots, but now I can review the end of the 2015 season, talk about some players, etc.

So as you can tell by the transfers, I've made a lot of moves. That's thanks to the salary cap restrictions and what not. I realized that thanks to all of the contract extensions I made, I was going to have to let some players go, so my first choice was my Danish goalkeeper, on $5500 a week and who occupied an international slot.


Ousted was easily my most consistent performer, he got me out of danger a lot. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have made it as far as I did in 2015. However, I got a $2.3 million offer from Tottenham so off he went.

Then I checked to see which players that weren't living up to their expectations and/or who wasn't getting much playing time. Darren Mattocks immediately waved that flag. He was on nearly $4000 a week and wasn't starting a lot, plus he hadn't really met my expectations yet. He left for San Jose in exchange for $200k and a first round pick (10th overall) in the Superdraft the next month.


Pedro Morales, my DP and highest earner, was aging and at the time, wasn't playing a system that suited his best role (AMC), so I sold him back to Spain for around $1.5 million and future incentives.


All together I made about $4 million and managed to re-stock on a goalkeeper on under $1000 a week, but I had to let go of these two in order to free up cap space. It wasn't easy, but thanks to my homegrown players and draftees, it wasn't such a blow.



These are the two I let go that somewhat hurt.



However, the goalkeeper I signed ended up getting waived and for good reason.


Because he was replaced by someone I had tried to get the last two years but Chicago wanted too much for him.


Then Morales was replaced by one of my signings the previous year. I hired Seattle's chief scout due to his scouting ability (16 in potential and current scouting ability) but also because of his knowledge in South America. I scouted Colombia and signed this guy for about $160k.


Since then I've had offers from Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and PSG for him. I've received bids between $4.2-$6.5 million but I rejected them all because he was the man I was going to give a chance to this season. He hasn't disappointed me thus far, four goals and three assists in 10 appearances. Not bad at 19.
Draft Day. Kevin Costner couldn't even save the film, it was pretty bland. I like the North American sports system, but it didn't have a real plot whereas Moneyball did.

I give it two out of five stars.
Vancouver Whitecaps FC

The description tells the story, but I've decided do the classic "start at home, work my way up" kind of career. I chose the Vancouver Whitecaps as they're my hometown team and I have a soft spot for them as a result. I'm already in my fourth season so I'll only give a quick synopsis on the previous three. I'll do my best to get this up to date by tomorrow morning.

Essentially what I want to do, as it says in the description, is to make Vancouver the most reputable club in MLS and in North America. In the process, I also want MLS to grow in popularity. Eventually I want to leave for Europe or South America and try to take a relegated club from the top flight back up and to eventual success. However, there's one stipulation, I'm going to let the club come to me unless I'm absolutely desperate for a job.

2013 is up, so take a gander there. Sorry it isn't much, but I'll do my best to add the next two seasons then I'll start posting updates here.

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I forgot about Boavista, they truly are a fallen domestic giant. They've had some legends of them game play for them.

To me Bari will forever be the club that gave us Antonio Cassano, and for that reason they will always be World Class.

I shudder to imagine what you'll be tweeting/posting if Cassano gets called up by Cesare Prandelli.
Tell us about the birds you banged while you were away.

It's the reason I left.

Hi, Bian. How's, ze, Germans?

It's been so long that I have no clue what you're talking about.
Facebook thread?

I was unaware to the forum aspect of Facebook?

Facebook is always changing, you clearly missed the last update.
Italy and Spain are riddled with clubs who had decent spells in the top flight and now find themselves in the third tier, some of the better examples;

Perugia -> Had a solid enough five or six year Serie A stint at the turn of the century, probably most famous for going a full season unbeaten in the last 70s and still managing to not win the Serie A title
Lecce -> Were a Serie A team two year back but got relegated and then demoted to the third tier, think it was for financial irregularity. The legend that is Fabrizio Miccoli plays there and the hallowed Zdenek Zeman has worked his magic with the club in the past
Racing Santander - Were always a solid little La Liga team, they are now in the Spanish third division

And if none of them tickle your fancy hit up Santa Cruz in the Brazilian third division, their attendances hit 40k, 50k, sometimes even 60k in real life.

You left out Bari as well, have great support but they declared bankruptcy.
Lol, Canucks suck!

Pavel Bure's jersey retirement was the high point of the season.
Put it like this, I got the World Cup game today, I got the Neymar sticker for my Panini collection and you are back.

Great day.

You didn't mention a reunion of the old staff in the Facebook thread, but thank you regardless.
Attention, whore!

I missed this.
I don't even know what you're talking about, but this better be worth it, lad.
Will you bring Bian back?

He's back because I am a man of the people. I decided to come back for the long weekend and test out the waters.
Hey, the Germans who I know are hot, you can't blame me.
By BR. | Permalink | On 16 October 2012 - 16:52 PM
Searched but couldn't find a thread about other European WC qualifiers.

Germany went 4-0 up at home to Sweden after an hour and ended up drawing 4-4. Whilst the current Germany lot might technically be decent, they haven't got anything like the mental strength that past Germany teams had.

On the other hand, Italy beat Denmark 3-1 despite losing Osvaldo to a red card just after HT when it was only 2-1. Forza Italia!

N.Ireland winning 1-0 at Portugal at HT, Portugal are garbage in qualifiers.

See, Roma players may score goals nowadays, but they're also accumulating all of the reds.
No, she'll do.