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F.E. Comments
Israel - Tel Aviv Stock Exchange League SS'2019-20 By F.E.



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Do you need pictures mate?

Thanks mate, already have everything I need.
I know that the Israeli League is soon getting ss kits, but any news about 3d? We didn't have them for a couple of years now.

Shalom haver,
I’m the one who makes Israeli SS kits. It’s nearly done and after that I plan to start working on Liga Leumit SS&3D and Ligat Ha’Al 3D.
However you gonna have to be patient because my time is fairly limited.
Style: SS
Name: F.E.
Number: 8
Club: FC Barcelona
Home OR Away: Home
What year of kits: 18/19

P.S check your pm mate

I love how suddenly when a new FM releases the career section comes to life. Let’s hope it continues throughout the year!
Good luck mate
Good luck mate
Good season so far!
Solid results, you don’t score too much but the important thing is to score more than your opponent which you do well (except that annoying defeat against Racing)
I believe you will qualify
Amazing job as always mate
Please note that Israel Premier League isn’t called Ligat Japanika anymore
The new name is Tel Aviv Stock Exchange League

Thanks for the effort you put in these files
Sounds interesting, will follow
Your english is fine
Well, after 2 years in which you finished 3rd, you finally owned that league and thats awesome!
Also well done on winning CWC
Looking forward to see if you win 2nd consecutive UCL win
I'm happy with my transfer business as I believe my starting line-up is quite strong but, honestly I am a bit worried about our squad depth, especially in attack as it is just Kane, Parrott (strikers) and Son (hopefully his international commitments don't mess around with his season again), Sancho and Januzaj on the wing and maybe Dele if I really need to use him out wide.

Personally I tend to have narrow squads because I hate when players cry every couple of days about playing time, so your squad depth seems right to me, but it’s a matter of how you like it so I hope it’ll be enough for you
Decent first season mate
Your summer transfer activity definitely improved the team, hopefully this season you will compete for the crown

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I think I use a pretty decent way of uploading my screenshots in top quality. First of all, instead of print-screening on windows which not only shows the whole screen (incase you are using windowed mode), I use the steam screenshot which is set as f12 or on my laptop function+f12. then u go into program files (x86) > steam > userdata > 166202501 > 760 > remote > 872790 (this applies for FM19, each version has a different set number) > screenshots which is where your screenshots will appear. I assort mine into folders on which career I am doing, for example I put my Tottenham updates in the Tottenham folder and Man Utd in the Man Utd folder. After that, I go on to imgur which is the best website for uploading your screenshots and create an account and then it is probably a good idea to set your uploaded photos to private. Once you have you account, click new post > then click choose photo/video and find the screenshots folder, although I pin that to quick access and then once you are in the screenshots folder, take you screenshots from the folder itself or if you created another folder for your multiple saves like me > select the files > click open > once they have uploaded, click on your profile in the top right corner and it will come up with a few options > click posts at the top > it doesn't matter if you've done it in batches (does make it quicker since you don't have to go back and forth) or uploaded them separately > once the post you've clicked on comes up, hover over on your username in around top right corner and the word images will come up which you click > all your uploaded photos will appear and click on the ones you would like to use for your story > once uploaded, you'll see all this writing on the right side which will probably confuse you at first, but you just need to know the important bit which is to look for the "BBCode (message boards & forums)" > then click copy and you just simply past the URL into your post without using any of the buttons at the top.

Yup I do that too, but just so you know it’s easier to take high quality screenshots (and also easier to find them later) in-game by pressing Alt+F9 (this can be changed in game settings).
Your screenshots will wait at Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\screenshots

Anyway, thanks for the explanation for those who weren’t familiar

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Seems like the cup wins affected the league results, but still a fine mid-table spot

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Your careers are really unique, loving them
Looking forward to see next season, I think Messnaldo will move this time
Amazing start to the season mate, keep it up
My first attempt with 3D kits, need the experts ideas on locations, logos, and anything else that needs to improve


Original kit:





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If you click where it says "sortitoutsi" at the top you can quickly jump to parent forums

Ohhh, I’m blind
Thanks guys <3
Thanks bro, currently browsing through my phone again and noticed the burger bar is fixed.

Regarding the other issue, what I meant was return to my current forum. For example, If I’m viewing a topic in kits forum, I would like to return to that forum to browse more topics instead of going back to main page. But dont sweat it out, I’m not browsing that much through the phone so its not that important

Thanks again
Tried browsing through my phone and I think there are some problems.
No button for creating a topic, or reply button (though there is quick reply at bottom) and one annoying problem: if you're in a topic there's no way to return to the forum, only to the main page of forums/site.



I guess those options exist in that 3 lines button at the right, but nothing happens when you click it

Would be great if it could be addressed

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There's an official forum for this kit style: https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/forum/2/43/ss10-13-kits
You can check the Download or WIP (work in progress) threads to see if your league is already ready or is in the making.

P.S. Welcome to our forum

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WIP Israel - Ligat Japanika 18/19

Maccabi Haifa:

H / A / Third/Alternative

https://i.imgur.com/WVFpnaa.png https://i.imgur.com/NlZxGWx.png https://i.imgur.com/uUgSIdZ.png

Hapoel Be'er Sheva:

H / A / Third:

https://i.imgur.com/fO5nCLF.png https://i.imgur.com/ogjv8Nb.png https://i.imgur.com/idEAnz9.png

I’m looking for some custom Aston Villa kits ready for FM19.

Due to the new owners links to Adidas I would like them to be made using this seasons Leicester templates.

Home- 2018/19 Leicester Home shirt design - claret main colour used in current Aston Villa shirt, sky blue stripes and trim with Adidas logo and the sponsor in white

Away- 2018/19 Leicester Home shirt design - Main colour white with stripes in same claret colour as home shirt with sky blue trim on the collar

Third- 2018/19 Leicester Grey Away shirt design - I’m looking for the shirt to be made using Aston Villa current third shirt colours with sponsor detail like badge and Adidas logo being in the blue colour, main shirt colour being the dark colour with claret for the pattern and white for club sponsor.

I would like the shirt sponsor to be the following design but colour changed to as described above:


I must admit I'm not sure that I understood everything you asked for, but heres my try..

https://i.imgur.com/EaF3gsB.png https://i.imgur.com/fmvKq0L.png https://i.imgur.com/b262oRv.png

Tag me for changes

Ofcourse gotta thank bolid74 for making these awesome templates.
Great results mate ! keep it up
GL with this save. CL group stage was really disaster for you I assume..
@M3rlin Thanks bro, nice to see another one who's reading my story cheers.



Season 1 (2016/17), Update 7
All or Nothing

Approaching the final stage of the season. Time to see if we did the double or lost everything?

Matchday 33 against Sambenedettese. Should be an easy win.


Well, not easy, but another 3 points. After this game we secured participation at playoffs. We still want the crown.

Cup - Final first leg:

At home, I expected us to get a good result. We had a penalty after 6 mins, and Calaiò scored and sent us upfront. After 37 minutes, we've been given another penalty, and Calaiò scored again !
In second half, like many times before, we took many steps backwards, and Foggia pulled one back 15 minutes before the final whistle. Then, Calaiò went off on injury. Final score: 2-1 at home. A little worried. Calaiò probably finished the season, might return to one of our last games.


Without Calaiò, a game at home against AC Ancona.


Another solid win and another step to the championship.

Round 35, away at FeralpiSalò.


Seriously ?? Disappointing draw keeps the 3 points margin between us and Bassano.

Cup - Final second leg:

After winning 2-1 at home, we travelled away to finish the job and collect the first thropy in my era. I told the players that I want an early goal to cancel Foggia's away goal from last game, and they did it. Iacoponi went up all the way from our defense to score an header and give us the lead. Only 3 minutes have passed and Foggia pulled it back to 1-1 after a massive hole between our CB's. The second half was quite boring, and both teams played pretty bad. We had our game killer Scozzarella who sealed the deal at the 88th minute with a great goal outside the area. The thropy is ours !


Also encouraging, we're the first team ever to win every game in this competition. quite an achievement !


3 games left to the league, and we lead by 3 points. We need to be super concentrated and secure the league, maybe with a little help if Bassano will slip points. The first one was against a team who have already secured their place in the playoff, Pordenone. Last time it finished drawn, this time we need more than that.


Letting a goal so late in the game, and Bassano secured their win also not much before the final whiste there. Things are getting complicated.

AlbinoLeffe. Our last game at home for this season. Anything but win would be very disappointing.

Table before the game:


The game:


AMAZING. Bassano lost their tough game, and Scavone scored for us in the 91th min. That means - We are the champions, and we did the double !

Scavone's title goal:


Some interesting media messages:



Our last game against Lumezzane wasn't important for us, so I let my assistant manage it.


And he managed to lose.

Then suddenly popped up a new competition: Italian C Super Cup. This competition puts Girone A, B and C winners in 1 group to decide who's the best team of this tier. Fine by me.

The first game took us away to Girone A winners, Alessandria. They weren't predicted to win the league but played above expectations and progressed (very easy) to Serie B. Good news for us, Calaiò returned from his injury and we really needed him.


Really crazy game. Only a draw against ten-men Alessandria..

The second game, again away from home, against US Catanzaro, Girone C winners. We needed a win to progress since Catanzaro has lost to Alessandria. Any win will be good for us.


Our players were really up for this and showed their ambition to win the thropy since the beginning of the match. Very one-sided win gives us our third thropy this season. What a debut season for me to remember.



League Final Table:



So a very good year for us. We managed to win every competition we played at, which is very nice. But we need to keep both or feet on ground because Serie B is a whole different level and our current squad isn't even close to compete on promoting further to Serie A.

In the meantime, Here's some media to sum our season:





The negative part of this season was the finances. The club has debts and at the moment it's really hard for me to improve or ask for anything outside the pitch since we don't really have the money. Let's hope for a better financial year next season.


That's it for now.

Next Update: Season 2 (2017/18) - Pre-Season.

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Season 1 (2016/17), Update 6
February - March

Last round we won Teramo at home, this time we want to do it away. The game started with opportunities for both sides, and goals for both sides. 15 minutes in the score was already 1-1. Our guy on fire, Iacoponi, has picked an injury and we had to sub him out very early. The boys seemed very calm and sharp and Calaiò gave us the lead near the half time whistle. In the second half, we took complete control over the game, and it was reflected on the scoreboard: 3-1 to us.


Cup - Semi Finals Leg 1:


Instead of sealing this tie after leading 2-0, we found ourselves not very comfortable towards the second leg at their home.



Another solid win at league against the last place. The good news are Bassano's lose which takes us 4 points above them right before the big match between us.

Going away perhaps for the most important game of the season against our closest rival, Bassano. Bassano took the lead after 9 minutes with a great move. Things got worse when our CB, Di Cesare, sent off directly following an ugly tackle. Our first half performance was really bad and I tried to show some aggressiveness to wake them up. 12 minutes in the second half the game was balanced again following a red card to Bassano. At this point I sent everyone up and it was worth it: Scozzarella scored outside the penalty box within the 70th minute. The game finished with a draw and I'm happy.


Cup - Semi Finals Leg 2:


Partying all the way to the finals. Foggia, the current holders of this competition, will be our rival.



Very boring game. Zero highlights, zero things to tell you about


I thought we'd have an easy game due to their early sent off, but Padova showed that there is a reason for them going on playoffs. But still a win.

We've got my first intake of youths, and I'm completely pleased of Cristian Liuzzi, who's predicted to be one of our best players in the future. Remember the name.



Another players to watch:

Andrea Manduca:


Alfredo Mazzoleni:


Daniele Pecci:




Surprising draw with, possibly, one of the relegation candidates. Not good.


What a collapse. We shouldn't play like that so late in the season.

Our next game, home vs Fano, was picked for a fan day. Maybe that will get us back on track?



Yes ! A great win, and totally inspiring goals. Another week on Everest.


* I accidentally deleted the table picture and already progressed in save, so I'll just tell you that we lead the table by 3 points ahead of Bassano. Sorry for the inconvenience *

Results Overview:


What's expected next ?


Can we secure the league and complete the double ?