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Dutton Comments
I've never had any TOTS cards not even TOTW cards I can't afford them at all. Been in division 1 for ages finishing midtable, never been able to win it on UT, always end up playing people with ridiculous teams.

My line up is something like;

Alves - Thiago Silva - David Luiz - Clichy
Lucas - Moutinho - Pogba - Griezmann
Lacazette - Benzema

H2H seasons is the true test of ability anyway... grumble grumble.

What's everyone upto these days? Are we all upstanding members of society yet?

I always thought the babe thread was weird tbf.

The thread where people posted pictures of themselves was weirder imo. Although I think I was a contributor.
So should I skip '71 and watch Gone Girl when I head to the cinema tomorrow?

Yeah I'd definitely recommend it.
Gone Girl is excellent, Fincher on the ball again. Rosamund Pike is outrageously good.
Yeah that's just weird.
I've just watched Poe do a pint challenge/neck nomination on Facebook. He's the first I've seen use a kettle.
Mata rumours are really gathering pace with some credible journalists, I can't wait for the inevitable disappointment when we don't sign him.
Cardiff should hire Phil Brown, he's used to working with an insane Tan.

You're saying it like the third part wasn't awesome? It was the best bit!
Watched The Act of Killing last week and I'm pretty sure it's my film of the year.

Saving Mr Banks was pretty good.
Just stuck a cheeky tenner on Solskaer at 79/1. I really don't know who will get the job but I can't see it being any of the favourites.
He did have a ridiculous team for Portuguese league standards. Falcao, Hulk, James Rodriguez, Joao Moutinho, Guarin.
Watch us fuck up now.

The return of ROY CARROLL.
Yeah, there's a case for saying Ferguson got the best out of our players, but Moyes is getting the worst out of some of them right now. Big difference.
Probably will.

Berbatov winner.

Richardson assist.
This is fucking dreadful.
The bumming over Kagawa is annoying, if he genuinely was world class (like so many seem to think) then he would be able to play pretty decently on the left as well. Other number 10's do it. The idea that we should move everyone around just to accommodate him (when lets be honest, he's never reached world class when played as a number 10 for us) is stupid.
Moyes took off Rafael and put Tony at right back, despite the obvious fact being he isn't a right back, and we conceded a goal from the right back position.

Now I'm still supporting Moyes, but he needs to improve things. We can't really say 'he needs time like Fergie did' because Moyes inherited a league winning side, and plenty of other new managers haven't needed 'time'.

Of course it didn't help that Moyes was pretty much unsupported in the transfer market, then again he turned down Ozil and spent £27M on Fellaini so he has to take some of the blame.

Against Southampton he took Rooney off for Smalling with 3 minutes to go and because we conceded late he got battered for it. He does the opposite and again people moan, he can't win sometimes, at least he was going for the win.

I agree I'd like to see results improve, but it's obvious Fergie got the best out of some average players and Van Persie has not been able to recapture his form from last season because of injuries and whatever and he drove us to the title last year. Replacing Ferguson at United is much bigger than replacing Mancini, Benitez etc.

This Ozil thing is stupid, people are already moaning that SUPERKINGKAGAWA who can do no wrong, doesn't play as a 10 every single game because we have one of the best players in the league playing in that position. Ozil can't play in a midfield 2, he would be wasted. This bollocks about "not turning down such a good opportunity" and "you fit in world class players like that" doesn't apply when we're already more than well stocked in that position. We have a player who would walk into most teams in Europe (going off Dortmund form) who can't play in that position already. It's not the same as signing Van Persie either, whilst we didn't need Van Persie we could fit him into our system, Ozil we could not.

It's about as pointless as arguing we should go sign Neuer if he came available.

Also whilst I believe we overpaid for Fellaini and he hasn't done much good yet (although he played well against Everton) imagine if he hadn't have paid the extra and brought him in? People would've been WELL on his back. "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST PAY THE EXTRA FEW MILLION MOYES WE ARE MAN UNITED, WE NEED A MIDFIELDER BADLY." "LOOK NOW CARRICK IS INJURED WE SHOULD'VE JUST PAID THE EXTRA FEW MILLION," etc. He'd be under even more pressure now for not buying anyone.
That Everton Ribeiro guy who we've been linked alot with in Brazil won Brazil's player of the year last night.
I think we deserve more credit, Leverkusen are 2nd in the Bundesliga, beat Shakhtar 4-0 and haven't lost at home all season, that includes a draw with Bayern.

They obviously weren't at their best but we played really well. It'll probably be our best performance all season, without 4 first teamers too.

Im starting to wonder whether RVP-Rooney is really our best combo, but neither are gonna get dropped.

Noticed our set pieces are far better this season too, been really dangerous from them especially in recent games. Not something we were known for in recent seasons.
Even so, I genuinely don't know anyone who thought he was "the dogs bollocks," at any time.

We were excited to have a "homegrown" English player coming through, I don't think anyone ever thought he'd be world class or anything.
Henderson isn't that bad, I don't rate Allen though.
2 of my mates are over in Oz for this, jealous.
Does your PSN account run over to PS4?

I'm gonna get one but not yet, don't really fancy any of the release titles.
Yes, because we were supposed to give a standing ovation to a guy who had just walked out on us.

Standing ovation/death threats. Splitting hairs really.

If you're gonna dish it out don't act like a bitch when he celebrates a goal against you. It's not even like he went over to your fans or it was a meaningless goal. It was a big goal in a big game.
Don't even pretend like you wouldn't be spamming gifs in this thread had you won.

Hahaha, I'm waiting for a picture of how dreamy Giroud looks from the game.
Your lot have been giving him shit for the past year and a half and then you're pissed off when he celebrates scoring a goal for his club in a big game? Jesus.

He didn't celebrate last year out of respect and you just ignored it.

Get the fuck in.

«This comment has been edited»
He's playing like Vidic at his peak, the cunt.

Wes Brown is responsible for some of the best defensive performances I've ever seen, I love that man.

Against Arsenal in the FA Cup semi final 2004 and against Barcelona in the CL semi final 2008 spring to mind.